The War on Terror Has Created 6500% More Terrorism

December 22, 2015   |   admintam

Between 2007 and 2011, almost half the world’s terror attacks took place in Iraq and Afghanistan — two countries under active occupation by the United States.

Kit O’Connell
December 22, 2015

(MINTPRESS) Washington, D.C. — An analysis of terror attacks since 2002 suggests U.S. efforts to combat terrorism — i.e., the “War on Terror” — have led to a dramatic increase in death and suffering from terrorism.

Published this year on Sept. 11, Paul Gottinger, a staff reporter for Reader Supported News, analyzed incidents of terrorism from George Bush declaring the war on terror in the aftermath of 9/11 through the present, and found a staggering 6,500 percent increase in terrorism. Gottinger, who used data provided by the State Department in his analysis, found that casualties have increased by 4,500 percent.

Countries occupied by or being bombed the U.S. military seem to fare worst of all:

“[F]rom 2007 to 2011 almost half of all the world’s terror took place in Iraq or Afghanistan – two countries being occupied by the US at the time.

Countries experiencing US military interventions continue to be subjected to high numbers of terror attacks, according to the data. In 2014, 74 percent of all terror-related casualties occurred in Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Syria. Of these five, only Nigeria did not experience either US air strikes or a military occupation in that year.”

Further illustrating the devastating impact of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Gottinger’s report showed that terror attacks in that country jumped from 208 in 2002 to 11,000 by 2005.

In a Dec. 10 appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz suggested the Middle East was more stable before the war on terror began.

“Now, what has been a mistake — and we’ve seen a consistent mistake in foreign policy — is far too often, we’ve seen Democrats and a lot of establishment Republicans in Washington get involved in toppling Middle Eastern governments. And it ends up benefiting the bad guys. It ends up handing them over to radical Islamic terrorists,” Cruz said.

The following week, Ben Swann, a journalist and outspoken critic of U.S. foreign policy, agreed with this assessment, and outlined some of the other ways the war on terror destabilized Iraq:

“Before the 2003 U.S. invasion, do you know how many suicide attacks there were in Iraq? None. In the country’s history there had never been one. But since the 2003 invasion, there have been 1,892.

In Iraq, prior to the start of the Iraq war, there were reportedly just over 1.5 million Christians living in that country. And yet shortly after the war started, more than one million of them fled to Syria. That didn’t work out well. Today fewer than half a million Christians remain and yet are being exterminated by groups like ISIS.”

Millions have died in Iraq and throughout the Middle East as a result of modern U.S. imperialism. Current estimates suggest that at least 1.3 million died in the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

“These figures dwarf the roughly 3,000 people who tragically died in the September 11, 2001 attacks,” Gottinger wrote.

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  1. 50 year War on Poverty = more poor people
    ' Illiteracy = more illiterates
    War on Cancer = more cancer
    War on Drugs = more drugs
    War on Terror = Duh…
    We sure like our 'Wars.' Well, I mean I don't 'like' them personally, but all the candidates want 'war' and that's what we'll get. Lay back and pretend to enjoy it. 😉
    How many top generals have stated that the War on Terror will not be 'won' with our military?

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  2. Excellent point, Greg; I couldn't have put it better 🙂 You nailed it perfectly 🙂

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  3. After 911 non stop images of these middle East countries cheering and passing out candy in celebration noone would have been satisfied had we ignored it the same way we did when they drove a boat full of bombs into one of our warships or the same as we did when they tried to knock the the world trade centers down in 1998 with a van full of explosives, So remember that and remember these groups want to eradicate us as well as all western countries and Israel that goes for all westerners who have sympathy for there cause they wanna kill you to..Christians are being slaughtered at astounding rates and for the most part Americans are christians… If you lost a loved one on 911 and our leaders chalked it up as acceptable the way they did the last two attacks. The overwhelming majority of citizens would not have been happy.That said we should've had a better more humane response such as protecting innocent Afghan's and Iraqis but we cannot let these groups that openly want to kill us and kill us all including you your mom dad kids and your whole family we can't accept that and I think most would agree they would prefer the war be over there rather than in there city…..when those towers fell recruitments to the US military exploded with people wanted to do something do anything.. Unfortunately it has lasted 15 years and people have either forgot what happened or this new generation seems to care more about who's lives matter black lives matter no white lives matter no all lives is pretty sad folks we are supposed to be united as one our military is fighting for us and our country and when one is killed people are protesting at there funeral and I will never forget people jumping out of windows 100 stories up cause they had to choose to either die that way or burn to death,,… That is why we are at war we didn't go for no reason and we didn't start it they have tried this several times and bill Clinton ignored it and refused to kill Osama bin laden when the sisterhood of the CIA found him well before September 11… These people will chop your head off and the innocent middle eastern deserve our help to live a peaceful life

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  4. Is America Going to Lead the Way?

    Or… Are we the Great Satan as some have charged?
    America needs to be seen as the good guy once again, because we really are the good guys; we have just been living too much in our heads, and we have gotten lost.
    Have it all:
    America now is the most materialistic and least spiritual country in the world. When Americans learn the ultimate truth, they will become the most spiritual country almost over night. We will have it all, material and spiritual, and we will be in a position to give it all to the rest of the world, and we will.
    Once we start being who we really are, we will not have any problems, only solutions.

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  5. So sorry you have fallen to their brainwashing agenda…please learn about the truth of 9/11 !!!

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  6. To brandon Bmar Marcell I really hope you don't actually believe the official story behind 9/11 cause if you do I can hit you with some undeniable evidence portraying that the U.S governement orchastrasted the attack on its people to give America a reason to go and steal Iraqs oil and of course implement global wide fear into the masses alongside ulterior motives such as depriving the american people of their freedoms without restrain. Check out my Youtube channel if you seek information you will never see on the news I don't ask you to believe me I simply ask you to think for yourself and do some research before believing the corporate media which content is based on LIES to fulfill their best interests.

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  7. I really like this. Excellent Explaination. We could use a war on better education, and a war on fast bandwidth.

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  8. No one has forgetten what happened; Iraq had literally nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, regardless of whether you believe the official story or not.

    To date we've killed over 500,000 innocent Iraqi men, women and children; the number of actual terrorists we've killed is less than 1% of that number.

    Where exactly does this "help to live a peaceful life" that you're talking about fit into the equation?

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