The World is Waking Up to the Dangers of the Militarized Police State

Nick Bernabe | The Anti-Media

Considering our website name, and our stated goal is to counter and then destroy the corporate media establishment; I was pleasantly surprised when I turned on the TV “news” this morning. I routinely do this for the sake of identifying corporate media narratives, and for the first time I witnessed CNN actually criticizing the militarization of the police today. Image credit:

It’s a topic we cover here at The Anti-Media in-depth almost daily. We even have a whole section on our website specifically aimed at exposing the growing police state.

What we are seeing now is a reversal from just a year or so ago when the corporate media glorified the very same tactics being used against the residents of Watertown following the Boston marathon bombing. I’m sure you remember the pitiful act; video shown by the corporate outlets even depicted residents cheering paramilitary police in armored vehicles in a sort of Orwellian orgy of praise to the state.

While the media glorified the militarized police reaction in Watertown and Boston, many residents told a much more sobering account of the situation. These concerns were largely ignored by TV networks, but covered in-depth by independent media.

Now, as the corporate news makes its reversal on militarization of the police, it leaves me wondering: why? The first thing I can think of is the simple fact that so many of the journalists on location in Ferguson have been directly harmed or detained by authorities, forcing them to cover the truth on the ground.

A New York Times journalist was even hit by a crowd control projectile.

It’s unfortunate that it had to come to this for them to finally realize how bad the police state has become in America, but at least they have finally come around.

Most national corporate media sites have had to turn off their comment sections on stories covering Ferguson because of the sheer amount of anti-police rhetoric pouring out from the public. While they have censored their readers, we have not. I think this is another reason the TV news is now forced to cover the truth about the police state. This is what most people in America are feeling right now and there’s no more covering it up:

Recent comments on a article about Ferguson.
Recent comments on a article about Ferguson.

While we understand that violence is not the solution, bureaucrats and lawmakers must come to the sobering realization that the American people as a whole are just about ready to snap under this unjust system. As one of our journalists pointed out a few days ago in his article “Ferguson Riots Move the US One Step Closer to Insurrection“,

Without serious reform in what’s left of the justice system, the future is not one of officers walking free after killing an unarmed person; it will be one of officers becoming the target of sporadic violence. Despite the propaganda, being a cop in the United States is safer than being a trash collector. That will change, and officers will become targets of opportunity for those that previously sought reform through peaceful means.

Years of protests, petitions, and votes going unanswered are pushing Americans into a corner in which the only way out is to fight back.

Another simple fact about the rising anti-police attitude that is quickly becoming mainstream, is the media-freeing ability of the internet. Police accountability is now at your finger tips with your cell phone. It’s no coincidence that the growing police accountability movement is being fueled by impromptu citizen journalists who break out their phones whenever faced with a police encounter. I’ve witnessed this first hand as an admin of the Cop Block Facebook page. When I started on the team there were little over 30,000 fans. That number has exponentially grown to nearly 1,000,000 in little over a year. The corporate media can no longer hold the bag for violent police forces.

Here’s the good news: While most of the people reading this article may already know about the dangers of the militarization of police, now that this narrative is being played out on national television, your parents and grandparents will know about and question it as well.

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The world is waking up to these dangers, and fortunately there’s still a little bit of time left to save this country from falling into a fully Nazified cycle of big government. Start by sharing this article. Then make your way over to and join a local Cop Blocking group. Sign up with PANDA (People against the NDAA) and fight back at the local level to block this from happening in your community. Finally, always be ready to stream news live from your phone using a streaming app in the case that something does pop off near you. You are the media now, and this is your time to be the change that you want to see.

UPDATE: Anonymous has announced the launch of a nationwide protest against police brutality in solidarity with Mike Brown’s family, set to take place this Sunday 8/17. Here’s the announcement: is helping to organize a list of the events so people around the country can join in. You can see the current events already being organized by clicking here or you can start your own and send it to them at

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