These People Receive 300 Free Marijuana Joints from the Government Each Month

January 27, 2016   |   Lou Colagiovanni

Lou Colagiovanni
January 27, 2016

(ANTIMEDIA) Las Vegas, NV — Marijuana may be illegal in many parts of the United States, but that isn’t stopping a small group of citizens from receiving free marijuana for life from the U.S. government.

How is this possible? In 1978, under President Jimmy Carter, the U.S. began a program called the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program. To be eligible for the program, one had to have had a serious, chronic health ailment. Those who qualified received marijuana from the U.S. government for life. The Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program came to an end in 1992 under President George H. W. Bush, but those who were enrolled before the program’s termination were grandfathered in, and as a result, are still receiving free marijuana.

At this time, only four Americans are still participating in the program. Barbara Douglas receives nine free ounces of marijuana per month to treat her Multiple Sclerosis. She has been enrolled since 1991. George McMahon receives eight free ounces of marijuana every month to treat his Nail-patella syndrome and has been enrolled since 1990. To treat glaucoma, Elvy Musikka has been receiving eight free ounces a month since 1988. Irvin Rosenfeld receives nine free ounces of marijuana per month to treat a rare bone disorder. He has been receiving marijuana since 1982.

In 2009 Irvin Rosenfeld, a former stock broker, was featured on ABC for smoking over 115,000 joints provided by the federal government. Rosenfeld receives 300 marijuana joints every 25 days. He said, “I don’t know that I’ve broken a record, but I’ve certainly set one. No one else in the world can document having smoked 115,000 cannabis cigarettes – let alone the ones I smoked before that. I’m living proof that medical cannabis is real medicine. We need to get medicine in the hands of patients who really need it.

A Fox affiliate in Florida caught up with Rosenfeld in November 2015. He was still smoking free government marijuana. Years after he joined the program, he remains adamant legalizing medical marijuana. “The United States federal government has been supplying me 10 marijuana cigarettes per day for almost 33 years, and in the same vein arresting people for possessing marijuana they give me for medical use,” he said.

The marijuana in question is grown in a secure facility at the University of Mississippi.

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Author: Lou Colagiovanni

Lou Colagiovanni joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in July of 2014. His topics of interest include crime and politics. Born in New York City, New York, he currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  1. H­a­v­e a f­­r­e­­e t­i­m­­e a­­n­­d a c­o­m­p­u­t­e­r with i­n­te­rne­t a­c­ce­s­s a­­t h­­om­­e??? N­ee­d e­x­t­r­a i­n­c­o­m­e??? W­­­h­­y n­­­o­­t g­­­e­t a­n on­li­ne jo­b…

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  2. I'm afraid this question must be asked just to clear the air: how many of these recipients are non-white?

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  3. Jep-Peg Hall Hang on, I just checked out your Facebook page, and if "Back the Blue" means what I think it means, I guess you are serious.

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  4. It seems a google search of these recipients, including Irvin Rosenfeld, are all white. I am curious, what are you trying to imply?

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  5. Stephen Rebelo I'll leave it to you to draw (or not draw) your own conclusions.

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  6. Stephen Rebelo I'll leave it to you to draw (or not draw) your own conclusions.

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  7. John Wallach not every white man enjoys this benefit, in fact only 4 do. This isn't racist sir lol. Do you know how many people have multiple sclerosis? Why, even if it were only white people, does every ms patient receive? This isn't racism. It is testing. Jeg-peg hall can go fuck him/herself though. Fuck blue

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