Tomorrow is The Global Day of Action Against Torture


Join organizations and individuals from across the political spectrum for protests, rallies, and gatherings on Saturday January 31st, to bring attention to the disturbing use of torture by global governments. We also wish to shed light on victims of mass incarceration who suffer conditions equal to torture.

Following the release of the Senate Report on CIA torture, concerned Americans hoped for non-stop media coverage and accountability for those within the Bush and Obama administrations who participated, ordered, and condoned the use of torture on suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay and other unknown “black sites” around the world. Since that time it has become clear that the corporate media and authorities within government are not interested in honestly discussing the report and the world wide use of torture as an acceptable practice.

In response to this silence, The Anti-Media, The Conscious Resistance Network, The Solutions Institute, The Houston Free Thinkers, and many more organizations are calling on activists and concerned citizens around the world to organize actions in your city!

The Global Day of Action Against Torture is also partnering with the 501(c)(3) Charity, Hustle For Humanity. Hustle For Humanity recently announced their new viral challenge campaign to stop torture. It’s called the “Hustle For Humanity 30 Second Waterboard Challenge” and organizers offer to pay *$300 to any participant that can last a full 30 seconds of properly applied waterboarding. In exchange, if the participants don’t last the full 30 seconds, they agree to make a tax deductible donation of $30 to Hustle For Humanity as part of their nationwide awareness campaign. (Official Video

WHEN: Saturday January 31st.

WHERE: This is a global event. Official events are listed below, with more expected to be added.

Contact: Derrick Broze


(Note: if there is not an event created in your area and you would like to participate please create one and send the info to organizers here.)

EndTorture1Portland, Oregon

Seattle, Washington

San Diego, California

Las Vegas, Nevada

San Antonio, Texas

Houston, Texas

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Columbus, Ohio

Chicago, Illinois

StatueTortureGrand Rapids, Michigan

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Langley, Virginia

Jacksonville, Florida
hosted by Veterans For Peace Jax and 904 Activist Alliance

Coral Gables – University of Miami

Leesburg Florida

St. Pete, Florida

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