Trump Wants to Be Able to Sue Journalists Who Write Things He Doesn’t Like

(COMMONDREAMS) — During comments to the press at the opening of a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced that among his administration’s top priorities in the coming year would be taking a closer look at the nation’s libel laws, a suggestion that drew immediate howls from critics and legal experts who say the president has no business trying to silence those who criticize or speak out against elected government officials.

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“We’re going to be taking a look at our nation’s libel laws,” Trump said, “so that when someone says something that is false and defamatory about someone that person will have meaningful recourse in our courts.”

Last week, after the excerpts from an explosive book by journalist Michael Wolff were released, Trump’s attorneys sent cease-and-desist letters to individuals quoted in the book and also tried to block the publisher from releasing it. “The libel laws are very weak in this country,” Trump said Wednesday. “If they were strong, it would be very helpful. You wouldn’t have things like that happen where you can say whatever comes to your head.”

Social media was quick to point out the president’s hypocrisy, lack of self-awareness, and the troubling implications of a president—especially one known for being a serial liar—who thinks it should be a national priority to clamp down on the rights of people who may say things that he personally finds unpleasant:

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  • In some respects I agree that journalists have misinterpreted the 1st amendment to be able to print complete lies about someone, and they have abput Trump with the ridiculous Russian conspiracy theory, which is completely crazy from my standpoint, because there are so many things that Trump should be criticized for which are absolute proven facts, unfortunately, both political parties are often equally guilty of the many of the same things that Trump is guilty for, so the establishment media takes an off limits approach to those subjects. I called Trump an MIC whore and lap dog. Of course he is not literally either of those, but he is definitely in the figurative sense, as every other modern president has been! If he would like to sue me. I would be happy to defend my case in court on TV because perhaps then, the establishment media would be forced to address the issue, which they happened to fire Chris Hedges, Ed Schultz and other for covering, because of advertising dollars!

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    • Proving my point, Rachel Maddow MSNBC front page feature, hint if you guessed Russia, you win!

      “In case you missed Rachel’s segment on this last night: “One year after U.S. intelligence agencies detailed the scale and scope of Russian efforts to undermine the 2016 presidential election, the United States still lacks ‘a coherent, comprehensive and coordinated approach’ to countering potential future threats from the Kremlin or elsewhere, a new Democratic congressional report finds.”

      Andrea Iravani