Trump Says He Wouldn’t Drop ‘F-Bomb,’ So Here Are Some Videos of Him Dropping It

February 26, 2016   |   S.m. Gibson

SM Gibson
February 26, 2016

(ANTIMEDIA) Donald Trump is a nasty, nasty guy. And we don’t need nasty people in the United States. Of course, I’m not nasty, and I would never call someone nasty, cause I’m great. This article is gonna be great, and you’re gonna have a great time reading it. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. Let me tell you, we’re gonna make media great again.

Unfortunately for America, the above hyperbole — expressed at a fourth-grade reading level — is all is takes to gain the support of a distracted population in 2016.

Donald Trump, the presidential front-runner of the Republican Party, has repeatedly hurled insults in numerous directions (admittedly, the disparaging remarks are frequently accurate, as he is typically referring to bureaucrats or individuals in the media). At the same time, however, Trump often acts as if he is above stooping to the same classless level he has stooped to numerous times before.

During his remarks following Chris Christie’s endorsement on Friday, Trump said of U.S. Senator Marco Rubio: “He’s a nasty guy. I called him a nasty little guy, but I wouldn’t say that. He’s a nasty guy. And we don’t need nasty. We don’t need nasty. Honestly, there’s no place for it. You know, there’s no place.”

I agree Donald, there is no place for nasty guys — which would disqualify you along with the target of your latest attack.

Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines hypocrisy as “the behavior of people who do things that they tell other people not to do : behavior that does not agree with what someone claims to believe or feel.”

While some may reference Idiocracy or the doublethink of 1984 to describe this current environment of delusionI choose to believe Americans are allowing their emotions — absent of logical thought — to dictate their preferences in this election cycle. The masses are falling for blatant hypocrisy and lunacy to ease their frustration with a flawed political system. In other words, Donald Trump is a candidate created by blowback. The establishment has inadvertently bestowed this nonsense upon us — and itself — by forcing one puppet candidate after another down our throats for years.

But just because the establishment is bad, which it unquestionably is, does not mean everyone who criticizes its behavior is a good guy — or in this case, an American savior.

After former Mexican president, Vicente Fox, said in an interview with Jorge Ramos, “I’m not going to pay for that f*cking wall” — referencing the Great Wall of Trump the real estate mogul has incessantly stated Mexico will pay for — Trump went on a typical nonsensical tirade at Thursday’s GOP debate. And he did it again on Friday. He was speaking at an event in Fort Worth, Texas about Fox’s use of the ‘f-bomb.’

“I saw him use the word that he used. Let me tell you, if I would have even used half of that word, it would have been a national scandal. This guy used a filthy, disgusting word on television and he should be ashamed of himself and should apologize,” Trump said at the CNN debate.

Trump continued his comments about Fox by stating, “So (Fox) dropped the ‘f-bomb,’ and I said to myself, ‘Can you imagine if I had said that?’ And nobody mentioned it; not a big deal. For him it’s ok, But I wouldn’t use that (word). I would not go there by the way.”

In honor of Donald Trump telling America he would never say such a “disgusting” word, below are multiple videos of Donald dropping the ‘f-bomb.’ Enjoy:

This article (Trump Says He Wouldn’t Drop ‘F-Bomb,’ So Here Are Some Videos of Him Dropping It) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to SM Gibson and Anti-Media Radio airs weeknights at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific. If you spot a typo, email

Author: S.m. Gibson

SM Gibson joined Anti-Media in December of 2012. He currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama, where he was born and raised.

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  2. Hey Anti-Media, who you voting for? To state that none of them are good, but then attempt to smear every candidate seems kind of a circular argument against nothing.

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  3. To state that none of them are good and then smear them all is called intellectually consistent.

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  6. S.m. Gibson I didn't say it wasn't intellectually consistent, I'm pointing out how his method is illogical. Giving one side ammo over the other isn't making people not vote, its making people change their vote, whatever their personal reference after receiving the information. Try instead making an argument why people shouldn't vote if thats your perrogative. Otherwise, the means in which to achieve your ends is logically inconsistant. You aren't using the right argument for your argument. But, his motive isn't just getting people not to vote, but getting the ad revenue everytime SOMEONE CLICKS ON THE LINK to get ammo against the person they ALREADY DON'T WANT TO VOTE FOR. His objective isn't really to get people to not vote, because he'd argue that, than take his time to create an article for this purpose. His article is purely to get ad revenue. Thats logic.

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  7. I think since obama hoodwinked the entire nation or at least those who voted for him (which I did not) people are pretty angry. Donald is their voice since no one in washington is listening …I hear 90 % of Americans want their food labled I remember obama saying we had a right to know what is in our food. I remember obama saying no more lobbyists, well then he started inviting them to sit in on decision making…WHAT? People are getting sick of Gov. and politicians. I personally would not like to see Trump in office, but at least with him a spade is a spade, and I bet his wife won't be mouthing the words" all this for a damn flag?"

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  8. Raymond Johnson Trump does not need help when it comes to gaining or losing votes. Once someone identifies with a candidates fundamental beliefs it is not common that they are persuaded differently. Statisctly it is true. I do wonder why you are following anti-media? It obviously goes against your fundamental belief which leads me to conclude that you just like to be mad and stay mad. This is not a way to live.

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