Trump Is About To Create Thousands of Jobs — But Not Where We Need Them

(ANTIMEDIA) President Trump has apparently combined two of his proposed policy initiatives: creating thousands of jobs for the American public by adding law enforcement positions to deport large swaths of undocumented immigrants.

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Trump’s new guidelines could potentially result in the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants. In order to enforce these new guidelines, the policies laid out by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will require the addition of thousands of federal agents, as well as the enlistment of local law enforcement to expedite arrests. They would also deploy more immigration judges.

However, much like the resistance that emerged amid his proposed travel ban, Trump’s proposed law enforcement policies are not entirely welcomed by America’s law enforcement agencies. Police chiefs from across the country are reportedly resisting the push from Trump to make them more involved in deporting undocumented immigrants. In a joint letter, more than 60 law enforcement heads — including several from states that voted for Trump — have appealed to the White House to soften the aggressive push to enlist police officers for such a contentious job.

In the letter, the heads also appeal to the Trump administration to withdraw its threat to penalize so-called “sanctuary cities” that are resisting the immigration crackdown.

Trump’s proposal expands the priorities of law enforcement to include not only those convicted of a crime (or even suspected of one) but also individuals who are deemed to be a threat to public safety. After Obama’s Department of Justice found these types of policies, which had previously been imposed by the Bush administration, led to racially-biased policing, the Obama administration rolled the policy back. In that sense, the Trump administration is literally taking steps backward.

Unfortunately, in creating these extra jobs, the U.S. is losing jobs and income elsewhere. According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), by mid-February Trump had cost the U.S. travel industry around $185 million in lost revenue, as reported by the Telegraph. Calls to boycott Trump’s America are being felt across the globe, and the combination of people being forcibly removed from the U.S. — together with the decline in tourism — may ultimately leave the demographics of the United States in a particularly compromised state.

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