Trump’s Twitter Account Being Deleted Was Actually Bigger Than You Think

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed)  — The mainstream media went batshit Thursday night when it was reported that a rogue Twitter employee on his or her last day on the job shut down the Donald Trump’s personal account for 11 minutes.

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The fact that the well-established though unofficial mouthpiece of the president of the United States was taken from him, albeit temporarily, gave journalists and analysts myriad options to choose from when commenting on the story.

Popular topics ranged from Twitter’s internal security — as in how this happened in the first place — to First Amendment issues pointing out that the company has blocked other accounts over content violations while letting The Donald run wild. Some takes highlighted that some were cheering the unknown employee as a hero.

Trump himself appeared to laugh the incident off and view it only as evidence that his efforts are having an effect. He posted — of course — on his restored Twitter account early Friday morning:

“My Twitter account was taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee. I guess the word must finally be getting out-and having an impact.”

As for Twitter, the company said in a Friday tweet that it’s all over the situation:

“Update: We have implemented safeguards to prevent this from happening again. We won’t be able to share all details about our internal investigation or updates to our security measures, but we take this seriously and our teams are on it.”

The reason the story caught fire so quickly is the reality at its core: Donald Trump and Twitter go hand in hand. It’s his voice. It’s a way — in his mind, the case very much appears to be — for him to speak directly to the people.

And someone quite literally just tried to silence him.

Back in September, I made the observation that if Trump continued to directly involve himself in the #TakeAKnee movement — one that continues, though the media has largely stopped addressing it — then the movement could morph, and the president could find himself becoming its focal point.

Tomorrow, November 4, nationwide protests are set to begin with the stated goal of removing the so-called Trump regime from the Oval Office. Maybe. It’s hazy on whether or not these marches have already been organized and coordinated or whether those at the head are merely hoping others will join their cause.

Regardless, the scent of dissidence in the air remains. There exists a surge of individuals in this country who are growing increasingly appalled by Donald Trump’s presidency. This — again, reality — is perfectly represented by the actions of someone at Twitter who decided to go for his throat. His vocals.

Donald Trump likes to believe Twitter gives him a means to speak to the people. Well, this recent move by a “rogue” employee of that very mechanism — as well as the ongoing #TakeAKnee movement and countless other indicators — should alert the president to the fact that some of the people are beginning to talk back.

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  • George Bratcher

    The NEVER Trumpers don’t want to admit the bitter TRUTH about Obama, that he did not care about you, that he did not take care of you:

    Communists usually take care of the 10% and forget about the rest of the people. Now, who does that sound like? Let’s see what did Obama do for the past 8 years? Why did Hillary lose? Probably something to do with the last 8 years of Obama taking care of the 10% and forgetting about everyone else:

    Most Americans Still Worse Off Than Before Recession, Fed Finds

    Newly released income and wealth data from the Federal Reserve Board’s triennial Survey of Consumer Finances show that America’s richest families enjoyed gains in income and net worth over the last decade. Not part of the top 10 percent? Then your income probably fell. The data show that families ranked in the highest percentile saw an income gain of $16,300 from 2007 to 2016. Those below are still making less money.

    When it comes to wealth, the gap is even bigger. In 2007, half of families had a net worth of $139,700 or more and half fell below this level. By 2016, the midpoint dropped to $97,300 — a decline of $42,600. Families ranked in the top tenth of net worth have enjoyed a sizable gain since 2007: a $132,100 rise in net worth to reach almost $1.2 million.

    Some will still scratch their heads and say Russians helped fool 62 million voters into voting for Trump and that it is all the Russians’ fault, paying no attention to the in-house communists behind the green curtain while they organize and bus in antifa to riot and burn!