Days After Trump’s First Bombing of Libya Left 17 Dead, US Airstrikes Hit Same Area

AFRICOM claims all those slain were suspected to be militants.

(ANTIWAR.COM) — Following Sunday‘s US airstrikes in central Libya, the first in President Trump’s term in office, a new round of strikes has taken place in roughly the same area, 100 miles southeast of Sirte, in a desert area where multiple factions are accused of being present.

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Details on the new strikes are scant, though African Command (AFRICOM) confirmed the strikes had killed “several” people. They had no identities, but suggested they were all suspected jihadists, either from ISIS, al-Qaeda, or something else.

This has been a recurring issue in US airstrikes in places with few to no ground troops, as they rely on very questionable targeting intelligence. In this case, AFRICOM claimed it was a “joint operation” with Libyan forces.

AFRICOM claimed the strike was necessary because militants are taking advantage of “ungoverned spaces.” This region targeted is in the middle of the desert, and would be scarcely governed in the best of times, but totally impossible to control for Libya, with multiple governments, none of them controlling much more than a couple of cities.

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    • The thought has crossed my mind. I am constantly challenging my own biases on this matter, but I am always left with this conclusion. There is an ongoing effort to thwart, stall, delegitimize the efforts of the current administration. Besides the obvious players, the opposing political party, the other major players are, the music industry, Hollywood elite and the motion picture industry, every social media platform and mainstream media. Numerous aspects of the “deep state” agenda are affected monocratically detached and autonomous. So if there is an orchestrated effort by the deep state to oppose or even remove this administration, then it would hardly make sense for Trump to be an active participant in the plan for his own demise.