UK Prime Minister Thinks 9/11 Truthers Should be Eradicated by the UN

September 26, 2014   |   Cassius Methyl

Cassius Methyl | The Anti Media

David Cameron recently delivered a massive dose of propaganda to the people of the UK and the world, perpetuating a philosophy of violence against peaceful people and relentless aggression.


David Cameron during his speech at the UN

In a recent speech addressed to the UN, he said “non violent extremism” is as dangerous as violent terrorism, and must be eradicated using every weapon at any government’s disposal.

This is synonymous with a declaration of war upon activists.

This could be considered a declaration of war upon anyone representing ideas that are inherently against the philosophy of government, power structures, centralized power and currency. This should make you sick to your stomach.

This representative of death and wars of aggression even went as far as to reference 9/11 truthers. He basically said he wishes to  ‘eradicate’ 9/11 truthers, while acknowledging that these tactics would clearly be in violation of freedom of speech. That includes the family members of actual victims of 9/11, who want a real investigation. That includes so many good, honest, hard working  people. That number includes over 2,000 architects and engineers that want an independent investigation into 9/11.

I truly cannot think of a more disgusting, aggressive, thuggish, socio-psychopathic thing for a figure like David Cameron to say.

We’ve posted the clip in question below:

Please share this with beyond absolutely as many people as possible; this is very nearly a declaration of war upon freedom of speech.

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Author: Cassius Methyl

Cassius Methyl joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in March of 2014. His topics of interest include thinking, creating a future, deep spirituality, and astrology. He resides in Sacramento, California.

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  1. also religion has never been or will never be peaceful, we must defeat the idealogy that god or something after this exist.

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  2. David Cameron wants to gag the truth-seekers because certain U.S. Lawmakers who have read the full 911 Report including the 28 redacted pages have said that "certain friendly countries" were involved in this mega crime. Obviously, U.K. is considered as a friendly country.

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  3. Far be it from me to want to defend Cameron, who is indeed anti-democratic and likes to have opponents silenced, but this article's interpretation is rubbish. He doesn't even *mention* 9/11 Truthers. He mentions people who put about the silly myth that 9/11 was a Jewish plot, which is clearly just anti-Semitic propaganda. Unless the article writer wishes to claim that 9/11 Truthers are pedlars of this idea – they're not, they posit that 9/11 was an inside job by the US Government – I really don't see how Cameron's speech can be interpreted in this way.

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  4. no he wants 9/11 truthers silenced but he mentioned jewish plot so they can scream anti semetism a tactic that they have worn out over the last 70 yrs but i guess some fools can't see a deceptive tactic at work if it jumped up and bit them on their ass!

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  5. Your as bad as the government trying to twist this video to benefit you… I am a believer that 9/11 was not as it seems. But making videos and trying to create properganda like this makes me not even trust this page …

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  6. A Russian man once said "don't believe a conspiracy theory until it gets a government

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  7. Why is Cameron so thick? Do they really think most of the general unlucky are so stupid? It's cringeworthy and embarrassing to watch.

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  8. This dude almost sounds like Hitler. . Things are going to get ugly.your survival skills are going to be needed.

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  9. David Cameron is nervous because he knows his ancestors [ Geddes ] was responsible for the Great Chicago Fire of 8-11 October, 1871 which occurred on the same day as the Peshtigo Wisconsin fire and that the arsons were arranged with Blatchford Ignition and covered by Geddes Insurance. 1871 was the year that THE CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES created the Plantation that to this day has enslaved Americans and deployed our military to serve the interests of British Bankers. Perhaps David Cameron should google [ geddes + blatchford + chicago fire + 8 October 1871 + Field McConnell ] and then prepare to vacate #10 while his homosexual cronies prepare to exit #1600 and #24. Perhaps Cameron would care to explain the $800B per year opium enterprise known as the Afghanistan War. Or maybe the assassination of Pat Tillman. Or the premeditated murder of Extortion 17 SEALS who did not kill Osama due to the fact OBL had died in December, 2001. Let me make a bold prognostication: it is more likely Abel Danger will topple Cameron than the UN will slow the revelation of Truth. Field McConnell, U S Marine 0116513

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  10. Cameron is part of the Rothschild illuminati terrorist just like the illigitimate grandchild of the Rothschilds most people know as ADOLF HITLER (This is why the Rothschilds financed the 3rd Reich and all their corporate entities like IBM help devise the Enigma mcode machines!!!)

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  11. Every sell out politician should be eradicated and a statue of Guy Falkes erected out side Westminster

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  12. This is actually a response to David Cameron creating propaganda. I wrote this. Advocating violence against peaceful people is extremely dangerous, especially when you are the prime minister of the UK and can spread ideas like that to people. This absolutely had to be said, and I think i said it okay. I know it's opinionated; you have the power of objective reasoning too.

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  13. Cameron is a pedophile warmonger puppet who gets to play with all the Elites "toys" and such if he does what they tell him. He needs to be eradicated by any and all means at the Canadian publics disposal!

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  14. what nation's lobby controls the US Government, has its tentacles in media, hollywood, news, banking, etc… Wake up, Martin.

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  15. wait lets get this straight…..he pleaded with the Scots, not to leave the U.K, almost in tears. But wants to eradicate non-violent extremists, with extreme prejudice. We'll Scotland its a good thing you lost your independence vote…….because Camron probably would have nuked you guys if you won.

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  16. If your gonna build a statue to an English folk hero……at least spell his name right….Guy Fawkes.

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  17. And while we are on the subject of erecting statues to freedom fighters, how about we add Edward Snowdens name to the list…….He's the one that released the truth, that has now brought these sycophants out in the open and scared the shit out of them.

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  18. 'non – violent extremism' to this guy apparently means holding and sharing opinions that are not sanctioned and spoon – fed by government / media controllers. We all know what 'eradicate' means… And what does 'government' mean? >> govern = to control; ment = mind. Like all 'world leaders', Cameron is merely a pawn, an actor, a repeater of lines, and lines of thinking that have nothing to do with morality, social progress, or even logic. They want us ignorant, powerless, disarmed, obedient, and afraid. But too many of us have already glimpsed what's 'behind the curtain' — these fuckers can never win, because we are collectively waking up faster and faster with every injustice, with every lie. Evil contains the seed of its own destruction, but love and human potential is like a blooming flower that never dies, but only becomes stronger through adversity. Don't forget – WE ARE WINNING, because knowledge and love are POWER, and spreading like a wild fire every day

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  19. Shame on me. Glad you picked up on my huge mistake, even though you knew who I was talking about all the same. I agree with yuo Mlise cihll

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  20. Who's to determine who the extremist are? Anybody that thinks outside the box? Protesters? Non mainstream? This kind of talk is pretty scary and "extreme" if you ask me. Lets get rid of him.

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  21. As long as men with conscience and truth are present this spaceship of ours will keep on floating in the Universe which is being polluted with lies and falsehood. The criminal bastards and vampires have used their ill-gotten wealth to reach the power houses to shield the truth but we must strive to fight against it. Albert Einstein had said, "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil; it will be destroyed by those who watch but fail to do anything".

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  22. Someone may ask David Cameron to watch Dr. Steve Pieczenik on Alex Jones Show (May 3, 2011). Steve Pieczenik is a veteran who had worked as Deputy Secretary of State under three U.S. Administrations:

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  23. Mass boycott of voting. DO NOT VOTE ANYMORE ! For any of them. If no one votes what the fek are they doing in power! We the people are their power. Take it from them.

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  24. David Adolph Cameron Translation: "Everyone who talks about the fact that we helped blow up New York City on 9/11, are trying desperately to eradicate 90% of the population of Earth under the UN and NASA's published Agenda 21 Manifesto and daily rape and sell children into MK Ultra Slavery, like the ones I have locked up in my basement, is making me look bad in front of others and it makes me cry."

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  26. He's such an idiot! He wants to turn things over, I'm talking about the 911 haux, how can this fellow convince me that jet fuel can cause skyscrapers to fall down -and on their own foot print- in a symmetric way that is only characteristic to controlled demolition. Mohammad Atta and those fellows with him where escape goats, one of the passports shown in the reports then as if it belonged to one of the attackers belonged to a Saudi citizen, was a passport announced lost in Saudi Arabia official departments before the event, and the owner called the TV channel that showed the news but they never talked about it again. And yeah, how could the passport of Mohammed Atta fall down from the second airplane that hit the second tower and looked as fresh as can be with no traces of fire or burned paper – and that was the only thing that fell down from that plane, and how can a plane sink into a building that had 1" thick steel frames without falling down debris???? [Rethink] is a source where you can listen to Architects and engineers from the US and elsewhere on this fraud of 911. So (David)! I don't think the laws of physics would change or bend for your favor! Period.

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  27. If no one votes, the Queen chooses the government. It's more complex than that but the point is, not voting – does shit.

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  28. This article is rubbish, not at all what he said. He literally said "or that 9/11 was a jewish plot", giving an example of hateful ideas. He says nothing about whether it happened as official statements say it did. There's not a word about the jew part in the article, and it's completely interpreted the way the author very well pleased. Bad journalism.

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  29. It really makes you wonder how the British people ever got to dominate the planet when they can't even find an intelligent Prime Minister. I thought George Bush was bad but this guy takes the whole German chocolate cake. lol

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  30. Poisonous idealists? Right wing extremists? He can start with the British hate-mongering news papers!

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  31. This one shouldnt shock any of you.We have been ruled by psychopats for centuries, since the beggining of man.

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