The United States Sold $42 Billion in Weapons to the Rest of the World in 2017

(ANTIWAR.COM— Continuing to brag that the US is the “global provider of choice” for arms, Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) Director Lt. Gen. Charles Hooper has issued a statement reporting that the US sold in the realm of $42 billion in weapons to the rest of the world in 2017.

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That’s a $10 billion increase in sales over the previous year, with the overwhelming majority of the sales taking place in the Middle East, but the Indo-Pacific region also seeing a substantial increase.

Hooper said the US advantage was not just in the arms themselves, but in the provision of training and maintenance capabilities for customers, who he labeled “partners.” He added that he expects the positive sales trend to continue.

This is likely to be the case, of course, because even though the world is awash in weapons the regions with the most sales are also areas of particular US foreign policy interest, and by extension regions full of costly wars, for which US arms makers are only too willing to sell more equipment.

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  • Joyce Gaynor

    Saudi Arabia is working with Israel for middle east peace. ISIS is no longer armed by the U.S. something President Obama did supply, but at no cost to the recipients. Korea, Japan, and many middle east countries seek our military hardware. We are in competition with Russia, China, most of NATO, Israel, and others. If the U.S. doesn’t sell to a country, another nation will. We must look at changes in the geopolitical area to understand arms sales and their affect. Libya was destroyed by NATO, plundered by France, weapons supplied to an ISIS variant in Libya were given free of charge and used against American troops in Afghanistan. We lost an Ambassador plus 3 other Americans in Libya trying to purchase back arms given to ISIS by the Obama administration.

    If we look at sales alone, it doesn’t help. President Trump has ceased sales of weapons to Syrian dissidents. Obama armed ISIS for free. Which administration used American weapons of war and defense for a greater world peace purpose?

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    • lindsay s

      I see you guys have even found your way here.
      This is nothing but cherry picked word salad for those who don’t know how to read. What you don’t know and leave out would fill the page.
      Do you have any idea what Saudi Arabia is doing to Yemen?
      I could go on and on but you people who get this stuff from your favorite r w site and past it all over the place are going to be responsible for this country failing even worse than it did after bush.

      • Joyce Gaynor

        Yeah, Yemen is a in a proxy fight with Saudi Arabia. Yemen is the proxy for Iran. Many are suffering as Yemen has used civilian transit to ship weapons, causing Saudi Arabia to cease for a while much needed relief to the citizens of Yemen. We can hope a war crime tribunal will be called to get to the bottom of Yemen using civilian transit for war in violation of international law.

        Do you have any other questions? Not certain if we are permitted to post links to wikileaks and what not here.