US-Backed Saudi War Against Yemen Strengthening Al Qaeda in the Region

Don Shay
June 16, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Operation Decisive Storm—Saudi Arabia’s current bomb campaign against Yemen—is not only a disaster for the country’s extremely impoverished citizenry, but is also creating a backlash that is unprecedented for the area. Saudi Arabia is targeting the Houthi Rebels in the region who, in their eyes, are acting as a proxy of Iran, their mortal enemy. The bombing has resulted in the deaths of over 1,300 civilians and a trend toward extremism.

Saudi Arabia has been attempting to block access for journalists trying to document the turmoil in the region. Only one CBS reporter received an opportunity to view the carnage firsthand.

CBS interviewed a man living in Sana’a. According to the report,

“Abdullah Kakalla showed us his family home, flattened by an air strike days ago. Pointing at the damage he asked, “Is this a military site?”

“They destroy our people for not any reason,” said Kakalla. “We are not belong to Iran or to anybody. We don’t like war, we don’t like to destroy anybody.”

In a rally on Sunday, groups of people in the city protested the aggression. Many screamed, “Death to the USA, death to Israel!”

One of Yemen’s newly instated political leaders, Muhammad Ali Al Houthi, was interviewed by CBS to provide insight as to why anti-American sentiment is skyrocketing.

“The animosity against the U.S. is because it’s playing an adversarial role against the people of the region,” he said. “America is for sure fighting us.” Al Qaeda is becoming increasingly stronger in the region because more citizens are seeing extremism as the only viable option for resistance. In addition to the toll of the current Saudi violence, many feel powerless and outraged at years of American drone strikes that regularly kill civilians. Additionally, Al Qaeda is capitalizing on the sectarian violence this war has exacerbated.

This bombing campaign against Yemen—intended to mitigate the Houthi Rebels and their alleged Iranian affiliation—has only strengthened their cause and attracted supporters.  This conflict exemplifies the true nature of heinous American and Saudi military policies that continue to destabilize the region while perpetuating sectarian violence.

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