US Bombing of Syrian Food Reserves Kills Only Innocent People and Destroys Precious Resources

Cassius Methyl
October 2, 2014

silo(TheAntiMedia) Nineteen innocent Syrian citizens lost their lives to the US government last week. Besides the cost of innocent lives, the new entanglement in Iraq and Syria has cost US taxpayers nearly $1 billion so far.

On the Fall Equniox this year, the US government started waging a war of aggression in another state, Syria, and immediately they began targeting vital components of Syria’s already ravaged infrastructure: oil fields, and grain reserves.

With the vast majority of the people of America who are active duty military opposing the new war, the powers that control the US military continue wars of aggression, with zero regard for anything but their agenda.

Manjib, Syria was the city where the military bombed grain reserves, killing 2 workers.

The director of The Syrian Observatory For Human rights,¬† Rami Abdurrahman says “[US bombings] killed only civilians there, workers at the site. There was no ISIS inside.”, and “it destroyed the food that was stored there”.

It is unclear just how much food was there, but it sounds like a pretty large storage of very much needed food. A precise sounding target, if one had the intent of destroying Syrian infrastructure and crippling them.

To understand the true intentions of a war waging body of people like the US government, one must know exactly what military actions they are taking, you must know every individual they murder, everything they take out and destroy, and when you combine all of that, you have a clear picture of who they are targeting and why.

The US military say they ‘accidentally’ bombed this grain silo, ‘mistaking it for a jihadist base’. As usual, somehow they expect to be immune from prosecution, free to make ‘mistakes’ that kill dozens of people. Just because the people dying in these bombings are brown and live thousands of miles away, it’s still murder, and the people responsible should be held accountable.

Obviously they are focusing on destroying the Syrian infrastructure to accomplish an agenda that is slowly being revealed, an agenda you can decipher through analysis of their choice of targets. The truth of the matter is that the US either directly, or through proxy, created ISIS to overthrow the Syrian government. So while ISIS is the US’ ‘foot in the door’ for Syria, the end goal is still the overthrow of a sovereign government.

Anything in the way of the powers that control the US military will be murdered, and that has been made clear by decades upon decades of repeated aggression towards countless countries. That is so abundantly, redundantly clear that it should make you sick.

Please share this with absolutely as many people as possible, especially people who support war. We must stop preaching to the choir and really put effort into getting the message to unaware people. That is currently our most effective way to shed light upon this and prevent it.

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