US Government Finally Admits Agent Orange Poisoned Troops

June 22, 2015   |   Carey Wedler

Carey Wedler
June 22, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Decades after the Vietnam War, the Department of Veterans Affairs acknowledged last week that Monsanto’s Agent Orange—a dangerous herbicide sprayed over 4.5 million acres across Vietnam during the  conflict—is responsible for health ailments in a group of as many as 2,100 veterans. It had previously denied such allegations.

The United States government will pay out $45 million in disability benefits over ten years to compensate Air Force reservists and active-duty forces who were exposed to Agent Orange left over from the Vietnam War. The exposure came from residue on Fairchild C-123 aircraft, which were used to spray millions of gallons of the chemical, and, evidently, affected soldiers in the United States who later handled the planes from 1969-1986. According to ABC, the VA’s decision to compensate the 2,100 veterans follows a January Institute of Medicine study that found “some C-123 reservists stationed in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts had been exposed to Agent Orange residues in the planes and suffered higher risks of health problems as a result.

Further, “the VA said it subsequently determined that pilots, mechanics and medical personnel who served at seven other locations in the U.S. and abroad also were potentially affected – Florida, Virginia, and Arizona, as well as Taiwan, Panama, South Korea and the Philippines.

The VA has previously acknowledged (and made compensations for) the chemical’s health effects on soldiers directly exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam and Korea. However, considering the 2,100 veterans did not even visit Vietnam but were merely exposed to planes that sprayed the chemical, the department’s decision to pay the new set of veterans is a silent admission of just how toxic the chemical is. This is a marked shift, as the VA previously refused to compensate certain naval veterans who claimed they suffered Agent Orange-inflicted health conditions because of their time stationed off the coast of Vietnam.

There is no doubt about the toxicity of Agent Orange. Even the government details a wide range of diseases caused by exposure to the herbicide, including (but not limited to) Parkinson’s Disease, prostate cancer, respiratory cancers of the lung, larynx, trachea, and bronchus, Hodgkin’s Disease, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Leukemia, Type 2 Diabetes and Ischemic Heart Disease. The effects of exposure to Agent Orange are also passed on to the children of victims.

While veteran exposure to Agent Orange is tragic and the compensation is warranted, the U.S. government has failed to make reparations for exposing countless Vietnamese civilians to the herbicide in its attempt to clear forest and crops during the war. According to the Vietnamese Red Cross, nearly one million Vietnamese were affected by the 19 million gallons sprayed—including generations of children born with debilitating birth defects.

Unfortunately, while the payout is the least the government can do, it constitutes yet another subsidy for the Monsanto corporation. As if the military had not done the company enough favors by buying millions of gallons of its herbicide during the Vietnam War, it now pays millions to deal with the devastating effects of those military-industrial purchases.

Between Congress passing legislation in favor of the conglomeration, its stranglehold on the FDA, and the justice system codifying its power, it is unsurprising that Monsanto has also used the military to reap profits and avoid accountability—a defining characteristic of the loathed corporation.

Such subservience to corporate interests has undermined any commitment to justice or rationality. As retired Air Force Major Wesley T. Carter (whose C-123 Veterans Association spearheaded the fight to attain compensation) said,

Every medical and scientific fact convincing the Institute of Medicine of our Agent Orange exposures had been presented years earlier to the VA but was simply ignored or dismissed. That was wrong.

As ABC detailed, other veterans groups “expressed tempered relief, expressing hope it would signal a new government willingness to acknowledge a wider range of toxic health risks undertaken by military personnel, such as Gulf War neurotoxins and burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

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Author: Carey Wedler

Carey Wedler joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in September of 2014. Her topics of interest include the police and warfare states, the Drug War, the relevance of history to current problems and solutions, and positive developments that drive humanity forward. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she was born and raised.

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  1. Again as usual, Korean Veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange have been forgotten! But we have been left in the dark for years!

    Nobody gives a shit to realize that we to are battling health issues from our service especially up on the DMZ due to Dioxin exposure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake the hell up!!!!

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  2. Also , says the government admits to poisoning our Troops, bullshit! They refuse to admit many of us were exposed in Korea, well before and after the current, bogus presumptive dates.

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  3. By their calculations,where is the curve?
    This will or should make you think?!
    I still can't get over the how many times in the Bible it says flat.
    Then when I look with my own eyes and every experiment I try. All say it's flat.
    Where is this curve in these miles? 23.83 miles of _______FLAT ROAD– OVER____FLAT WATERS for the Bust .
    ..>The lie of us SPINNING aimlessly through space on a ball!
    >>Around their satanic IDOL, the sun! >>> THEY want it in the Center!
    ………>>>YES! It Needs to be looked at too!
    To Think When I have driven over road this many times.
    FLAT WATER FOR 23.83 MILES ON A FLAT ROAD many times!?
    HOW could it not have been better evidence to Show FLAT.?
    JUST HOW the Creator said he did it. ________FLAT >> )NO CURVE !! …>
    Join us for this romp through our idea of how mind control stimulates consciousness to create the future that the controllers desire and we don’t even realize that we are complicit in our own enslavement. >>>This episode explores the idea of the flat earth, which has been re-surfacing into the public consciousness recently. In addition to presenting various points that have all of us global folks coming to attention and questioning our learned reality, the issues of why now, how now and implications for the role of human consciousness is discussed. Taking ideas from quantum physics and combining these ideas with mind control, conditioning and the fore warning practice of the dark forces produces possible predictions for the future that are as scary as they are humorous. …>Seems facts Beyond Belief ARE hiding the Matrix in plain sight!
    So tell me where the curve on this bridge?
    What makes their theory work ….please?.

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  4. War is all about the profit motive and Vets are an expense, or am I wrong? What You should get is top of the line medical attention for life for all medical expenses for You and your family along with guaranteed employment at a living wage.

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  5. My great uncle served at that time , my Grama wouls
    Get letters from her son describeing how some of the men , and himself suffered before they died, unspeakable things happened to thier bodies. NOW MONSANTO IS PUTTING THAT Poision on our food!

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  6. Make Monssanto pay! They probably knew about the side effects and did not disclose it.

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  7. What about the children of these men who were directly contaminated by this stuff? My father had terrible scarring on his back from having to carry wounded comrades through what was left of forests sprayed with this stuff. He suffered terribly and died young, but not until having children who have similar symptoms except the scarring. Has there been any studies done on the children of Agent Orange?

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  8. What about the Monsanto settlement with Anniston Al and the fact that the Ft McClellan installation was in the same county and watershed and guess what we were forgotten

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  9. Make Monsanto pay let us sue their pants off they killed my husband with the agent Orange …..the government needs to stop protecting these people……..

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  10. Agent orange is the least of our worries, the government is currently contaminating the whole freaking world just look up dummies. ….forget about people who are already dead and dying, think about all the people who are going to die now cuz is stupid geo engineering. A) from crazy insane government scientist corporate cabals

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  11. A lesson in applied common sence —- The basic chemical process of all life is roughly the same. Any manmade chemical that can kill plants ot bugs has to have some effect on humans. Dixon is one of the worst poisons ever createted. It will almost never degrade in nature and it affects every living thing on earth. The effects can range from killing oughtright, to causing all sorts of cansers in anything living, and even to damaging DNA. In short if that happens then EVERY generation on will suffer from it even if they never get exposed ought right. Dioxen was the key active ingreadent in that Agent Orange. Also consider this… People living in Viet Nam today are still getting exposed to the stuff….

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  12. I was in Vietnam in 2012 and you can still see acres of land that is still closed to the public because of the toxicity . Also in Ho chi Min city (Saigon) there is a museum with a whole wing dedicated both Americans and Vietnamese that were affected by agent orange.

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  13. I was at Bien Hoa AFB from 70 – 72 and we would see them spray but we're told that we could not file for A.O. Unless we had prosate cancer or a diabetic

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  14. wake up call, the gornment ARE these people !! Hillary Clinton has been Monsantos number one spokes person and advocate, and is currently under investigation for criminal behaviour while being head of the state department. Which I'm sure had to do with Monsanto currently enslaving huge parts of Africa and India with their GMO crop. When Bill Clinton was president, he appointed a Monsanto excecutive as the head of FDA.

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  15. Let's hope that company doesn't start to grow our food and sell us consumer products…. oh wait.

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  16. Too late for my cousin. We all knew it was Agent Orange that eventually killed him. He went 3 times because he felt it was the right thing to do. Died way too young.

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  17. My father served in Vietnam in infantry, was exposed to agent orange as did my uncle, both died of aggressive cancers in their late 50's, my sister and i and our children suffers from skin problems, bowel problems, constant changes to cancer cells in our uterus, just to name a few!!! Disgusting, shame on the australian government as we have had no-one accept responsibilty for it!!!!

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  18. My father was a door gunner and died an awful death. Also all of us kids of vets who are called "orange babies" all have strange medical problems also.

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  19. My Husband been getting a very nice sum amount from the Government he has Agent Orange full blown

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  20. If an AO / Dioxin affected veteran, know one, spouse or offspring add your statement in comment area too! All 18+ can sign! NO VETERAN LEFT BEHIND!

    Our government needs to do its job and take care of the veterans as prescribed by law, Abe Lincoln and DOD regulations.

    Will you sign this petition? Click below to review many comments and decide, 4,680+ have.
    Agent Orange and other Dioxin toxins.

    SIGN, Pass along to others too (family, friends, tweeter and your email list), post link to group pages like FB every few days, and [SHARE] and re[SHARE] with everyone!
    = current VA Presumption.pdf and some presumed medical conditions <<<< Agent Orange Presumptive Disabilities<<<Very good guide Contact congress Contact form Top of the VA, send your details
    (513) 509-8454

    Search BVA decisions

    To Contact your Members of Congress

    To Call your Representative: 202-225-2305
    To call your Senator: 202-224-3841 or 202-224-3553
    To call different members of Congress: 202-224-3121
    Toll FREE Number: 866-272-6622

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  21. My brother served in Vietnam, sprayed with agent Orange. Had tumors in his lungs, affected his heart(no heart problems in family) left his widow with a mountain of debt because of the lack of medical care in Veterans hospitals, whom could not provide the treatment and care.

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  22. What about those who DIED because of this!? One such soldier died in my mother's arms because of his service and being effected by this!

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  23. Yeah,maybe so but get the Dam V.A. to pay the clIM FOR EXZPOSURE TO IT AND DEVELOPING CANCER. I was and they rated ME @ 0 % because I am not currently undergoing chemo for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I have fought them for 10 years.

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  24. Korea is still covered up! It is more then the meager 3 years they gave! Veterans who served on the DMZ till Oct 1991 (date turned sector over to ROKs), many are battling Agent Orange/Dioxin illnesses now!

    But, veterans who have served in Korea for years, have always been and still are shitted on by the Government!

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  25. My husband died 6years ago,from Hodgkin's disease. From 1983-2009, took treatments 6 times. Our daughter was born with spina bifida in 1974. She has the worse form of it. It effected her mentally as well. All from agent orange exposure. Yes, we were compensated financially, finally! The VA has set up health care benefits for my daughter. Don't get me wrong, it's great in some ways, but needs to be reconstructed. At 60 years old, having lost my husband of 38 years, living on a tight budget, and caring for a disabled young adult, I just had to go in debt for 10 years to buy a handicapped accessible van, that the insurance would not cover at all! I also am disabled, I have a above the knee amputation and a heart condition. Thanks for listening to me vent…..I could write a book! LOL…

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  26. I don't know if some of you are old enough to remember the AO settlement that Dow and a few others were involved in with Vietnam Veterans. But I never was told about this and never got a penny. I am now a 100% disabled vereran also with PTSD which I have had sence 1968. I wonder why all the Veterans weren't notified about this. They didn't seem to have a problem of finding us to be drafted although I did enlist.

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  27. I don't know if some of you are old enough to remember the AO settlement that Dow and a few others were involved in with Vietnam Veterans. But I never was told about this and never got a penny. I am now a 100% disabled vereran also with PTSD which I have had sence 1968. I wonder why all the Veterans weren't notified about this. They didn't seem to have a problem of finding us to be drafted although I did enlist.

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  29. It is almost funny if you think about it. They've pretty much poisoned the whole world and managed to keep us all locked into our own little areas of discontent. They throw us a new bone every couple of months for us to hate with extreme predjudice while they keep slidding by with the worst atrosity the world has ever seen. The fellow up in one of the earlier posts had one thing right. Everything happening is in the Bible. 2000 years ago it spoke of the sky rolling up like a scroll. Who can look at the ozone layer and not realize this is an end run. The sky is rolling up. Monsanto is onlyone of the evil seen many years ago. Things are problably about to happen that are going to be quite astounding. Kingdom against kingdom. In the bible this is always a religious ordeal. Not nation against nation. The word Wormwood in the Bible is loosly translated Chernoble. In the end days a large number of people will die by death. It covers wars, starvation, murders, etc. But then it says "death.". How do you kill someone with death? Kill them before they take their first breath of life. It is amazing that we sit on the verge of something openly spoken of for millinium and don't see it. All of this is the easy stuff. The worse is yet to come for those blind to God. Jesus said He was the way the truth and the life. I finally know what that means. We need some serious effort toward loving one another. We are going to need each other in ways we never dreamed possible. Sorry to take up your time. Just get tired of seeing and knowing some things and never getting to explain them. Did'nt here either. But this was a nice respit. God bless and have a great day.

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  30. This is why as a boy I decided I would never serve Uncle Sam. They draft you- poison you- lie to you- then give you the shaft. Remember folks- the government doesn't own your kids. Never allow them to join the armed services.

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  31. The United States Government, finally admits Agent Orange Poisoned OUR troops !! The United States approved the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam.. Therefore, the United States actually poisoned our young men who were only doing what they were Ordered to do !! Poisoned for defending the Constitution of the United States for the people !! Those who came home have been denied the help/benefits promised to them, they continue to die off, or to suffer, because of neglect, abandonment, and ABUSE !! Next time you Vote, You enjoy a GOOD dinner, Watch TV programs you enjoy.. enjoy shopping, enjoy GOOD times with family and friends.. Take one moment and realize that it was a Veteran, Military personnel who made ALL, ALL OF THIS possible !!

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