Breaking: US and Russia Agree to Cease-Fire in Syria as Trump, Putin Meet

(ANTIMEDIA) Germany — Marking the biggest diplomatic achievement for the U.S. and Russia since Trump took office,” the Associated Press reported Friday that Russia and the United States have agreed to a cease-fire in southwest Syria.

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The deal comes as President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump meet at the G20 summit in Germany. The cease-fire is set to go into effect Sunday at noon, Damascus time. It is open-ended, according to three U.S. officials who spoke with AP.

The neighboring countries of Jordan and Israel are also part of the agreement, one of the officials said. Those nations have been concerned that the violence taking place in Syria will spill across their borders.

The cease-fire deal is not part of a separate agreement between Russia, Iran, and Turkey to try to establish de-escalation zones in Syria in which fighting would be reduced. Those negotiations, which continued this week in Astana, Kazakhstan, have thus far failed to reach a cease-fire agreement in those zones.

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  • Brad Fuller

    I take it this cease fire is in and around the Daraa and Golan Heights area. If this cease fire holds and the CIA, Pentagon and Israeli Defense Forces don’t sabotage this agreement this will be a positive step in ending the violence in this area which could be expanded to other areas in Syria. It takes two to tango so this is a very nice first meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump….if it holds