Military Veterans Send Urgent Letter to National Guard in Ferguson Telling them to Stand Down

November 25, 2014   |   Nick Bernabe

Nick Bernabe
November 24, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) Hundreds of active duty US military and veterans have sent an open letter to Missouri National Guard members urging them to join Ferguson protesters, not fight against them.

The letter, signed by many veterans including dozens who fought in the Iraq war, was published on and can be viewed below:


To our brothers and sisters in the Missouri National Guard:

We are writing to you as active-duty U.S. service members and veterans, most of us having served in the Iraq war.

You have a choice you can make right now.

The whole world is watching the Ferguson police with disgust. They killed an unarmed, college-bound Black youth in broad daylight, and subsequently responded to peaceful, constitutionally-protected protests with extreme violence and repression.

Countless constitutional and human rights violations by these police have been documented over the course of the Ferguson protests; from attacking and threatening journalists, to using tear gas against peaceful protesters, including children.

Now, Governor Nixon has again activated the National Guard to “support law enforcement.” But you don’t have to follow their orders—you can stand with the protesters instead.

Our true duty

When we signed up, we swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.

The police in Ferguson are violating that Constitution.

The First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of the press.

These laws are, as we are taught our entire lives, our most cherished Constitutional rights—the whole basis for the “freedom” we are told makes us the greatest country on Earth.

It is undeniable that the Ferguson police has used extreme violence against peaceful protesters, suppressing the right of the people to free speech and the freedom to assemble. They have attacked crowds, with children in them, with rubber bullets, sound cannons and tear gas. People have been mass arrested for simply being at the protest. Image credit:

Freedom of the press has also been severely infringed upon by Ferguson police. Journalists have been arrested; photo evidence shows riot police firing tear gas directly at reporters and tearing down their camera equipment; Ferguson police have been caught on video threatening journalists with violence if they don’t leave, and declaring that they are not allowed in the protest area.

With such important and dramatic events unfolding, the right of the people in the United States to have the truth covered by the press is essential to any so-called democratic society.

The people have the right to protest. If we were truly honoring our oath, we would be in Ferguson to protect the protesters against the repression of their rights by the police.

We don’t just have a legal obligation, but a moral one

Clearly, we would be within our legal rights to refuse to help the Ferguson police unconstitutionally suppress these protests. But beyond the constitutional case, we have a moral obligation to refuse to participate.

The Ferguson police are treating this like a war. And we know that not all wars are just.

These protests have done something very important in our society: they have raised the deep issues we face of inequality, poverty, racism and police misconduct onto a national stage. It has turned public consciousness to these real problems that plague our society.

Do you really want to be part of suppressing those civilians raising all these important issues on the national stage?

Racist police brutality is a real issue in America

The autopsy of Michael Brown confirms at least five eye-witness accounts that the young man—who was not even suspected by Darren Wilson of any crime—was shot while he had his hands in the air.

Those of us in the military—especially with combat experience—knows that this flies in the face of any Rules of Engagement, and we know that it is completely ridiculous to believe that Darren Wilson feared for his life in anyway whatsoever.

Increasingly, the issue of rampant police brutality in America—most frequently by white officers against people of color, with an African American killed every 28 hours by police—is garnering more and more attention on a national and international scale.

Outrage by the community against the state’s refusal to hold Darren Wilson accountable is entirely justified; the movement, led by Black youth, is a just movement.

History is unfolding, with the whole world watching. You have a decision to make on which side of history to be on.

You will make history, one way or the other

If you take part in the suppression of the protests for Michael Brown, we will be enshrined in history just as the National Guard soldiers who followed their orders to attack and repress civil rights actions, union pickets and anti-war protests. History has not looked kindly on them.

But you have the chance to make a different kind of history.

Imagine the powerful impact it would have if you abandoned your posts and marched with the protesters.

That single action could have the biggest possible effect on the crisis in Ferguson and the larger issues it represents in the entire country. It could be a major turning point in the fight against racism, inequality and police abuse.

You wouldn’t be alone. There is a whole community of service members, veterans and civilian supporters who would defend your right to do so. And now, in this critical moment, we are urging you to exercise that right.

Justice for Mike Brown! Arrest Darren Wilson!

…add your name to this open letter to the National Guard by emailing your name, branch and dates of service, and any deployments to

This appeal is signed by:

Post-911 veterans:
Kourtney Mitchell, US Army, 2011-present
Sara Beining, US Army, 2004-present (Iraq war veteran)
Kelsa Pellettiere, US Army, 2009-present
Anonymous Air Force Technical Sergeant, 2000-present (Afghanistan war veteran)
Jhassier Laurentes, US Navy, 2013-present
SSG Al Robinson III, US Army, 1999-present (Afghanistan war veteran)
Lisa Wnek, US Air Force, 2009 – 2014 (Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran)
Monique Salhab, US Army, 1997-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
Margaret Stevens, US Army, 1997-2004
Chantelle Bateman, US Marines Reserve, 2003-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
Mike Prysner, US Army, 2001-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
Sean McCrea, US Marines, 2005-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
William Felton, US Army, 2005-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Kevin Benderman, US Army, 1987-1991 & 2000-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
Alynn McLellan, US Army, 2008-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Danny Birmingham, US Army, 2009-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Adam Fuentes, US Navy, 2007-2012
Ryan Endicott, US Marines, 2004-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
William Griffin, US Army, 2004-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
Jason Cardenas, US Army, 2002-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
Hart Viges, US Army, 2001-2004 (Iraq war veteran)
Ross Caputi, US Marines, 2003-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
Camillo Mejia, US Army, 1995-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
James Circello, US Army, 2001-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
Jayel Aheram, US Marines, 2006-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
Miguel Colon, US Marines, 2001-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
Wendy Barranco, US Army, 2003-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
Michael Sullivan, US Army, 2005-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
Kristen Walston, US Navy, 1996-2003
Vincent Emanuele, US Marines, 2002-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
Jeremy Berggren, US Marines, 1998-2004
Ken Braley, US Army, 2002-2005
Jessie Ryan, US Army, 2000-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
Nick Kallio, US Army, 2007-2013 (Iraq war veteran)
Joe Soel, US Army, 2006-2014 (Iraq war veteran)
Jami King, US Army, 2004-2005
Richard Stroder, US Marines, 2004-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
Anonymous, US Army, 2005-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
Jonathan Engle, US Army, 2007-2013 (Iraq war veteran)
Amber Royster, US Navy, 2000-2006
Michael Downs, US Army, 1985-2009
Zollie Goodman, US Navy, 2002-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
Kasey Keck, US Army (Iraq war veteran)
Curtis Sirmans, US Army, 2006-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Michael Nelson Hanes, US Marines, 1994-2004 (Iraq war veteran)
Clifton Hicks, US Army, 2003-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
Aaron Myracle, US Army, 2002-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
Kelvin Rodeo, US Navy, 2007-2011
Danilo Deocampo, US Navy, 1997 – 2003
Nate Yielding, Virginia Army National Guard 2001-2007, Maryland Air Guard 2007-2011
Aaron Myracle, Washington Army National Guard, 2002-2010
Damien Boyd, US Army, 2001-2014
Victor Agosto, US Army, 2005-2009 (Iraq War Veteran)
Alec Stevens, US Air Force, 1999-2008
Jason Mizula, US Army &US Coast Guard, 2002-2008 (Iraq War veteran)
Daniel Fargason, US Army, 2005-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
David A Meyer, US Air Force, 1979 – 2001
Lara Gale, US Army & Air Force Reserve , 1999-2006
Andrew Dyer, US Navy, 2001-2012
Gloria A, Downey, US Air Force, 2002 – 2009 (Iraq war veteran)
German Martinez, US Marines, 2010-2014
James Poteet, US Army & National Guard, 1993-2001
Carmine Matlock, US Air Force, 2005-2010
Maggie Martin, US Army, 2002-2006 (Iraq War Veteran)
Robert Howell, Illinois Air National Guard, 1999 to 2011 (Iraq war veteran)
Ian LaVallee, US Army, 2005-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
Adam G. House, US Army, 2006-2010
Claire White, US Air Force, 2006-2012
Randall Mayhugh, US Army, 2003-2006
Jovanni Reyes, US Army, 1993-2005
Ramon Mejia, US Marines, 2001-2004 (Iraq war veteran)
Matt Stys, US Army & Penn. Army National Guard, 1990-1998, 2005-2009
Angela Hamnes, US Navy, 2001-2011
Joe Nunley, US Marines, 1997-2002
Justin Thompson, US Army, 2007-2010 (Iraq war veteran)

…add your name to this open letter to the National Guard by emailing your name, branch and dates of service, and any deployments to

Pre-911 veterans:
Daniel Craig, US Army (Gulf war veteran)
Gerry Werhan, US Marines, 1971-1994 (Gulf war veteran)
Curt Schaiberger, US Army, 1987-1991 (Gulf War veteran)
Michael T. McPhearson, U.S. Army 1981-1992 (Gulf War Veteran)
Forrest Schmidt, US Army, 1994-2000
John Fortier, US Air Force, 1952-1955 (Korean war veteran)
Bill Perry, US Army, 1967-1968 (Vietnam war veteran)
Matt Dubuc, US Army, 1994-1997 (Bosnia veteran)
Sanfod Kelson, US Army, 1963-1966
Alexis Fectaeu, US Airforce, 22 years
Benny Harris, US Navy, 1973-1993
Eric Meyer, US Navy, 1967-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
Victoria Marx, US Navy, 1969-1976 (Vietnam war veteran)
Charles SHelton, US Coast Guard, 1969-1972
Annzala Pitt, US Army, 9 years
Leonard Vernon, US Army, 1964-1966
Tom Adams, US Army, 1971-1973
Paul Appell, US Army, 1968-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
Derrick Wilson, US Army, 6 years
Danny McGregor, US Navy, 21 years
Douglas Ryder, US Navy, 1964-1967 (Vietnam war veteran)
Arlene Edwards, US Army Nurse Corps, 1966-1970 (Vietnam war veteran)
Tommy Griffin, US Army, 1976-1999
Gary Lail, US Navy, 1964-1968
Selena Vincin, US Army, 1995-1997
Danny Fry, US Army, 1970 (Vietnam war veteran)
Albert Sargis, US Marines, 1956-1962
Dave Logsdon, US Navy, 1966-1970
Ken Ashe, US Army, 1969-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
Sven Pihl, US Navy, 1986-1990
William Holcomb, US Navy, 1946-1949
Daveed Williams, US Navy, 1987-1990
Nick Velvet, US Army, 1967-1969 (Vietnam war veteran)
Harold Donle, US Marines (Vietnam war veteran)
Paul Turner, US Air Force, 1981-1988
Jamie St. Clair, US Navy, 4 years
Allie Thorpe, US Navy, 4 years
Bill Graffam, US Navy (Korean war veteran)
Mike Madden, US Air Force, 1973-1979
Ron Arm, US Army, 1966-1971
Tarak Kauff, US Army, 1959-1962
Tom Palumbo, US Army, 1978-1993
Patrick McCann, US Air Force, 1970-1972
Mark Foreman, US Navy, 1966-1968 (Vietnam war veteran)
Gerry Condon, US Army, 1967-1975
Ron Arm, US Army, 1966-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
Mike Budd, US Army, 1968-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
Amos Sunshine, US Army, 1952-1955
Glenn Wright, US Air Force, 1962-1974
James Domenico, US Navy, 1973-1976
Janice Josephine Carney, U.S. Army 1969-1972 (Vietnam war veteran)
Russell Brown, US Marines, 1966-68
Priscilla J Leach, US Coast Guard Reserve, 1982-94
Ray Reese, US Marine Corps 1956-1962
Ray Albrecht, US Army, 1974 – 1977
Christopher G. Wales, USN, 1980-1986
Marlon Moore, US Navy, 1990-1999
James C. Branch, US Navy, 1985-1996
Thomas Easley, US Army, 1972-1974
Dennis Lambert, US Army, 1992-2000
Douglas A. Stuart, US Army, 1968-1970 (Vietnam war veteran)
Gary E. May, US Marines, 1967-1968 (Vietnam war veteran)
Emanuele Vorso, US Air Force (Retired)
William Miniutti USMC 1968-1970 (Vietnam war veteran)
James Reagan Marcroft-Clark, US Marines, 1996-2000
Maxwell Burgess, US Navy, 1979-1984
April Adams, US Army, 1990-2000
Tom Palumbo, US Army & Reserves, 1978-1992
Russell Bates, US Navy, 1967-1970
Tariq Khan, US Air Force, 1996-2000
Paul Appell, US Army, 1968-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
Reese Forbes, US Army, 1968-1970
Vernon Haltom, US Air Force, 1986-1992
George Waldman, US Air Force, 1960-1969
Carolyn Rowan, US Air Force, 1976-1978
Steven M Cross, US Army, 1970 – 1972 (Vietnam war veteran)
Michael Mangini, US Army, 1979-1983
Deston Denniston US Army, 1988-1990
Nate Goldshlag, US Army 1970-1972
M. Lara Hoke, US Navy, 1990-1994
Colin Jenkins, US Army, 1994-1998
Bill Mattis, US Marines, 1969 – 1971
Adolph L. Biel II, US Navy, Vietman Era
Aubrey Deloney, US Navy, 1996-2000
Charles Dean Pleasant Jr., US Air Force, 1972-1976
Jeannie Ramsey, US Navy, 1974-1976
George R. Jenkins, US Army, 1965-1967 (Vietnam war veteran)

…add your name to this open letter to the National Guard by emailing your name, branch and dates of service to

UPDATE: Many more veterans have endorsed this letter. An up to date list can be viewed at

Author: Nick Bernabe

Nick Bernabe founded Anti-Media in May of 2012. His topics of interest include civil liberties, the drug war, economic justice, foreign policy, geopolitics, government corruption, the police state, politics, propaganda, and social justice. He currently resides in Chula Vista, California, where he was born and raised.

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  1. That is absolute bullshit! Unarmed college bound black man my ass. He was nothing but a criminal that got what he deserved!

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  2. Obvious troll is obvious.

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  3. Go back to walmart and bake your cakes Jordan. Educated people are trying to change the world for the better over here.

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  4. look just because someone got into trouble does not mean he deserved to die. I would bet if he were a unarmed white suburban kid who stole a box of cigars you wouldn’t feel that way.

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  5. No, pretty sure what you said is bullshit, it is people like you who allow America become something it was never supposed to be. Wake up, there are bigger issues at stake here, your freedom included…

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  6. if this is true, which im inclined to believe its not, this is disgusting. you guys should have never worn the uniform and for someone that still does with PRIDE, you guys are POS

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  7. Maybe you should read up on who uses welfare the most — white people ! most poor black american will not take welfare unless they have no other choice . the propaganda you have been nursing your hate on is a LIE

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  8. Them hooligans need to b demolished..they are threats to themselves..their own people..and everyone around them….gas em all..use every defense you the people..he wasn't innocent by any means… And what those people have been allowed to get away with is inside should be treated like ne other terrorist!

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  9. @Jordan Zeitler literally eat shit and don't ever speak again

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  10. Hey jordan jump on the end whitey bus or be demonized by bigots… Liberal lunacy is rampant and if it's not anti white new black panther or la raza it's evil.

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  11. James Wilson Hey dummy blacky on it too and the numbers are growing thanks to bacrock odumba's illegally forced amnesty.

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  12. Hey, you racist piece of shit. this country you love so much was built upon the backs of black men, women and children. So learn your place, shitlord.

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  13. Watch out for liberal name calling drive by's, sock puppets are earning that minimum wage on this thread. Mix that with the usual brain dead liberal voter obamacare was aimed at and you get a modern day witch hunt.

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  14. Is this a bull crap site? I don't know one vet that would send a letter like this or put their name on it.If these are vets they seem to forget one thing. The N G is to stop crap like this. The little thug tried to take on a cop and lost. Sorry about his bad choice in life,he lost.

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  15. I guess you didn't take your oath seriously then. You are the real POS, here. Not the ones who are upholding the oath they took to orotect the American people.

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  16. Hay there, YOU!, part of the problem… Let us do the thinking… It's hard I know

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  17. Ferguson protesters were acting within their constitutional rights, Brown was unarmed and was not suspected of any crime, cops are not above the law, they are expected to uphold it as well. Some of you need to read a history book, I'm so sad so many "Americans" have forgotten what this country is all about. I say good work military friends, you, unlike so many police officers of today, have kept your end of the deal.

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  18. Do you realize that the man who invented heart surgery was a black man without that black man knowledge and invention your grandfather eould have die on the spot no surgery no chance were u there when michael Brown was shot ? That young black man that had his life ahead of him do your research before u speak or write ignorant comments like this or did you know michael Brown ? That u are so sure he was a criminal ? I feel sorry for u sir

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  19. This guy is douche

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  20. You are a punk how about I spay tear gas at you stupid ass bitch.

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  21. Good for them I hope the national guard does what's right

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  22. Danielle Drane lol….make sure mommy makes your milk before bed

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  23. Jordan I hope something really bad happens to you that involves the police so you can wake the fuck up

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  24. Just because they don't share your same opinion they should have never worn the uniform? Shut the fuck up dude, this world doesn't revolve around you.

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  25. Common core posters / sock puppets are running around like zombies making that minimum tax dollar wage man. Protests over a strong arm robber who tormented a LEGAL MIGRANT who worked everyday. That migrant was robbed of his hard work by a welfare baby and others like him. Imagine that save money come to America legally not be "white" work real hard own a store work 80 hours a week so thugs can take your future. Freaking brain dead liberals are something else especially the white ones going along with white genocide.

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  26. Chris Adams orotect the American people? Right, so let them burn businesses, ruin other American lives because they're "upset". I'd rather protect the man that is in fear for his life because people don't know how to act

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  27. James Neff … something about it??

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  28. I do believe you are the brainless ones :) if you don't see what's happening then you must also be blind..and hey white people defending them…guess what..if you are there..your number 1 on their hit list because of what someone you don't even no did..that's brainless :)

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  29. Chayne Schaetzle cute dog

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  30. did you miss the part where he robbed the store?

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  31. Are you forgetting about all the looting and destruction that said "peaceful" protesters did to local businesses

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  32. Rain Tilla dont stoop to a lower level. As a vet the military people should be in the crowd with them to make sure nothing bad happens to them or their rights violated. Unarmed or not whats done is done. the Guard should be there protecting people from looting and from police brutality

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  33. I agree rain tilla

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  34. Did you miss were he went after the cop in his car.Even his friend said he did.So he lost the fight.

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  35. You are crazy if you think this letter is going to touch the hearts of those robot soldiers that are only made to take orders. there will is broken as well as there spines they won't stand with those protesters. because the protesters don't pay there checks so they have no reason to listen at all to this letter and its sad very sad. if this was the middle ages there would have already been a war and this government would have been over thrown this letter was great and all but there needs to be action from everyone. no more talking no more peaceful protest it gets us no where we need to show our Government we are not cattle we are Humans we are men and women and we deserve respect and have the right to freedom.

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  36. Daryl Dnyce Harris They all died a few years back, maybe one day you'll grow up and take responsibility for your actions in life.

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  37. Dominic Dominguez except he didn't rob the store. confirmed by the store's owner. get your facts straight.

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  38. ray, your a cunt, and i hope you loose a leg on a landmine

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  39. This site is one of the many Anarchist freedom of speech organization media outlets giving the public up to date news and notifications on subject at hand, For short its not fake website or crap. Thank you and peace be with you.

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  40. dumb slut, go suck some guys off or get pregnant…

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  41. Dominic Dominguez Stop listening to the propagandize on the tv its fake as shit for example they said the KKK were going to war against Anonymous but thats not happening because we have met up with them and its peace as usual.

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  42. James Neff Thanks bro i don't usually say stuff like that but the racist shit is getting out of control wither it be trolling or not some people don't need to be on the same planet as all of us. i feel evil wicked people just slow down the progress of peace and its time those people got lost and crawled back from where they came from if you hate all races but your own. then go some place far and stay there don't purposely try to fuck up peace because you have hate in your heart take that shit else where

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  43. You are a racist bitch that doesn't realize the big picture and you call us blind haha sure let's look up how many people a year die for no reason because of stupid cops.when you typed that hooligans need to be demolished you reminded me of Adolf Hitler since he wanted jews to be demolished. are you a Nazi venessa do you enjoy people getting treated like standing for something bigger than me and you and that's a better America we are only 5% of the whole word population yet we are 25% of the prison are the one who is are a sheep that probably watches fox news and watches bullshit reality TV shows.

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  44. Fabian Williams You must be like one of bacrock odumba's fake twitter followers. How much you getting to suck puppet yourself? Do you have to supplement your income with welfare?

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  45. That's exactly how I feel
    Rain tilla I'm 17 and some of these people that are adults need to grow up its pretty sad when a teenager has to tell an adult to grow up haha

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  46. Michael brown, was nothing but a wanna be cop killer, PERIOD.

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  47. Soooo true. When they do it it is the great American Revolution. When we do it we are criminals.

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  48. Your ignorance is why theres a continuing problem in this once great nation

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  49. I am shocked at the fact people are forgetting that he was shot while on the ground shot twice in the head Cops are never suppose to get revenge there suppose to be the Law and uphold Justice. The second that badge comes on you are suppose to be above every little thing that pisses you off and uphold the law.

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  50. Rain Tilla So the fact he caused the police intervention in the first place means nothing? He'd be alive today if he would've paid 2 bucks for those blunt papers man.

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  51. James Neff Hey slow guy i know you like to call names and act like you won a prize. But since i am a good person you've got a flaw and i will make you aware of it. You look like a git to people, and your inability to not call people names points to this fact.

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  52. Alexandra Whitlow I agree every time we as the people stand up for ourselves there is always something wrong with it but they can go into different countries kill kids and blow up family's rob beat rape and every is a okay. this is so stupid its no longer funny revolution needs to happen asap

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  53. IF, and I emphasize IF, this is true, then those vets should be ashamed. Not of their service, but using that service to tell others to disobey orders. The guard isn't there to help "silent" peaceful protestors. They are there for the violent ones who think it's okay to cause havoc. A minority are looking at police with disdain. More than likely those who have issues with police predating all of this. People who forged opinions based off what they read or watched on tv. That's absurd and reckless. Especially, then to ask the National Guard to put themselves in the hot seat. Shameful. I don't condone unnecessary violence on either side. I know people from that area and have friends in the Guard and in LE that are there as I type. Those people are sick of the pit of line protestors, not the peaceful ones. Last, this whole thing couldn't be more biased unless they just came out as cop block supporters. We all know what those people consist of. The National Guard are there to help protect the property and well being of those caught in the middle. Innocent civilians and bystanders. I'll say it again, if these people are real vets, they earned respect for their service but just lost some for forgetting what the Guard is there for succumbing to ignorance. Its people's right to have their own opinion, but how dare you ask others with families to put their asses on a hook while you sit back and watch.

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  54. Too bad you cops are outnumbered out here by us veterans & you BETTER believe we'd sign this & so do active duty ones too.

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  55. Dominic Dominguez He never robbed the store but of course to someone like you all black people look the same so you most likely got 2 different stories mixed up its okay bro it happens all the time you dimwit. don't come back until you have your facts right

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  56. A criminal was shot get over it already .

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  57. Fabian Williams .I went to your page. I have nothing to say that you might understand. So I will leave it at that.No need for rude name calling.I am an adult that has children a lot older than you.Been there done that .

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  58. That whole thing about the military fighting for our freedoms? THIS is precisely what they meant. These are the veterans I thank and support for their patriotism.

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  59. Man it gets old, listening to ignorant people like scarab bearah, who haven't a clue about what they are talking about. If yow are 6'00 165lbs, and your attacker is 6'04 300lbs, there is no such thing as unarmed. Since the fact ist the officer is armed, and his strength alone cannot prevent the bigger stronger individual from taking said gun away, and using it on the smaller officer. Use the brain god gave u for more than spreading your ignorance on the web.

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  60. I am a OIF&OEF vet I am sent my name rank in to be put on that list.

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  61. The looters looted, the peaceful protesters protestex peacefully! The fact tbat there were people lotting doesnt mean that tbere wasnt people peacefully protesting. If you cant tell the difference between them youre too stupid to be a contributing member of society let alone a cop.Try not to be such a moron and you have an easier time getting along.

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  62. Natalie Samantha Daley so what did he do? Just push the man around and take cigars? What do you call that?

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  63. If those service personnel did in fact say that its time for them to be removed from active duty and possibly courts martial ed. Read the reports the cop was int he right.

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  64. Dominic Dominguez He bought them you ass its on film get your stupid ass out of here you don't even know the story what a loon

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  65. Natalie Samantha Daley Wrong he and another bullied the store owner and stole cigars. That is stealing, the thugs did not pay for the cigars.

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  66. Your disdain for black people is evident…u should do some soul searching bro…criminals get locked up not killed…how can u say he got what he deserved?? Ur a clown hiding behind the internet

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  67. Gregory Hodge I agree bro

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  68. Matt Wayne I see you are proud of your military years.You don't say a word on your page about it.Only thing I see is you went to school in St Louis

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  69. Just curious, how many of u r from St. Louis? Well I am and this is happening in my backyard. We all need to get over it and move on. He's dead and whether that cop gets indicted or not, his life is over as well and all because he was attacked and forced to defend himself.

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  70. Alexandra Whitlow Be honest when yall do it asians and whites and even latino's lose businesses and money. When PURE whites of old did it they founded America you guys founded next weeks crack revenue in advance. All yall new black sissies are silly being is lamic while hating white slave owners. People are being enslaved today by is lamic militants yet yall blacks are like slavery sucks when it's black people being slaves YO. Yall really need hooked on I . Q points asap.

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  71. nah, this is national guard… they are more a part of society than active duty really because they don't get deployed. they just go train one weekend a month and collect a paycheck. I would like to think that means they would be slightly less conditioned… but there are way to many variables involved with some ones predisposition than whether or not they are in the military, and to what extent they serve, to make presumptions about that. — Finally, you couldn't be more wrong. The powers at be — not the government — are using their influence to paint a picture. Right now our country is incredibly polarized, and violence from any one any where will do nothing but give the opposition ammunition to use as propaganda. Love defeats hate… hatred only creates more hatred.

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  72. Gregory Hodge If they are called out to keep the piece it is their job.

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  73. You parasitic racist mother fuckers are all the same its sad really sad

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  74. Ray Stone There's a thing called OPSEC & none of us out here who are anti-tyrannical govt should disclose personal information, as there is no security online. I'm sure you can appreciate that.

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  75. Another person here…trying to justify the killing of another by speaking of what happened to ppls stores…not justifying it but the owners r still alive

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  76. It's like fake twitter followers bacrock odumba is drumming up his war LIE. Paid for by our tax dollars of coarse just like the sock puppet explosion. All the pro liberal retardation posters making minimum wage and keeping it that way by default via their actions genius….

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  77. Matt Wayne That.s the difference between you and me. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I don't care who reads it. I know I am on a few lists.So what. I am an American first and foremost.. I will say it again. The thug got his. The N G will have a job to do when the time comes. Just pray it never does.Look at my pic if you think I care who reads what I say.

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  78. Whatever morons like you give criminals a free pass. And when presented the facts you pussy assclowns call racist. Well that bullshit card doesn't change the facts that two thugs got exactly what they deserved. Fucboy!

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  79. Gregory Hodge Black strong arm shoplifter shot you go bat feces crazy. 12 year old with BB gun just died not to long ago nothing………….. PRICELESS black on black crime is a problem black on non black crime a problem too but according to you evil whitey brainwashed yall into doing those things. Brilliant below 80 i . q perspective you got there black einstein.

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  80. Ray Stone That's not the point, the point is we live in a day & age & anyone who is outspoken & means what they say to certain degrees regarding the oppressive system must watch after themselves & their families.

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  81. Ronin GrimlocYou sound dumb as fuck right now using terms like fuck boy?? really Lmao and for the record that's a " black" word so you using it after showing that you hate blacks destroys your own argument ROFL Take a sit Ass Goblin

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  82. Ray Stone I thought you may want to read this, don't know if you ever have. But it's good to have.
    "There is only one thing which gathers people into seditious commotion, and that is oppression."

    John Locke

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  83. You ever notice the racists are calling others just that in this day and age? They truly are as ignorant as the ones of old who used to run around burning things and hanging / beating people to death for skin color. Sad thing they don't even realize they're what they hate very sad indeed.

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  84. AAHAHAHAHAHAHA fact both grabbed for weapons, white or black that deserves to be shot in defense. Assclown.

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  85. Ronin Grimloc I can see you are too small minded to talk to please kill yourself asap

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  86. Bravo bravo bravo. They beat too much the horse. It will start kicking. Soldiers I'm so proud of your action. Today i saw a nhomeless veteran geting beat up by a punk ass police for nothing he was just sleeping peacefully. After the beating the pig couldn't arrest him because he did nothing wrong the poor veteran. I always feel they should give respect and help them if they become homeless. America don't treat them like that.

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  87. I hope so too. I also hope the protesters don't turn violent & loot, burn & otherwise destroy anothe American's personal property!

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  88. Only MSM brainwashed idiots think those two thugs are innocent. So that actually puts you in the small minded group.

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  89. Hey numbnuts, NO INDICTMENT!!! Guess all the experts found the thug got some instant Karma!

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  90. People are really close minded these days, sigh.
    It'll take a couple more centuries, but eventually people will learn to judge on character not color.

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  91. Ray Stone sheep. say baaaaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaaahh.

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  92. They had the right to a peaceful gathering, they rioters did not have the right to raise hell and break even one window. Yes the thugs did in fact steal cigars. Natalie your facts are wrong.

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  93. How many of the authors of this letter have refused unlawful orders to Syria? That's my litmus test.

    I agree that those people have the right to speech and assembly, but they do not have the right to loot and pillage. Once they cross that line, its open season on them with no bag limit.

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  94. I have several military/vet friends who agree with this letter. Need to open your eyes and see the tyrantical nature of the police state all around us.

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  95. Mark Robinson ,lol I have never been called that before .You funny.

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  96. are you a fucking retard? take your pretty lettle head outa your skinny lettle ass and do some research before you open your cock hole and talk. THE POLICE SHOT INTO CROWDS OF PEACEFUL PROTESTORS ~ CROWDS WHICH INCLUDED SMALL CHILDREN, FIRED TEAR GAS INTO SUCH CROWDS, TEAR GASSED JOURNALISTS AND DESTROYED THEIR EQUIPMENT TO PREVENT THE PUBLIC (as in, dumbfuckknowitalls such as yourself) FROMFINDING OUT! these things are violently anti-constitutional. these vets want the guard to STAND UP FOR THE CONSTITUTION which, since you don't know, is their primary purpose. this isnt just about some broken windows and stolen appliances, blondie

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  97. ray stone is the essence of all that's wrong in this dying country of ours~ ignorant, completely lacking in common sense, yet overbearingly opinionated and loudmouthed. MURICA!

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  98. First off I'm not even commenting on the shooting and who was right and who was wrong. This article said that all the protesters where peaceful which is a crock. Fires were started, looting took place, businesses where distroyed. It happened, my "research" is having friends and family that live there and witnessed it. Are any of you even from Missouri?

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  99. Does matter who was shot or where or what color they were..point is what's going on down there now is now protest..they have lenched many people who have nothing at all to do with the situation.. They have tried to bomb people..they have mapped out spefic locations to aim their terrorist acts at..they need to b controlled..period..if it were Arabs people who b all 4 doing something about it..but because its n USA and they are black people tend to feel different.. There is no difference..all the same…and if u don't see that..then I believe u might b a fool :)

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  100. Ya'll are retarded. If this is legit, they weren't made aware of what it contained. The majority of this country are disgusted with Ferguson and its citizens.

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  101. How many Times did the officer Darren Wilson shoot Mike Brown? And was it in the back? People are saying he wasn't shot 6x in the back.

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  102. Jordan Zeitler it meant, Your a fucking cop-cocksucking tool, prolly used to eating grass, so you shut up and BAAH with the rest of the sheep, cause your a sheep, a troll sheep, who sucks at troll sheeping, just go die.

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  103. White people are killed by police frequently but it doesn't make the news. Making the problem out to be a race issue is foolish and hides the real problem of psycho police killing us all not just black people.

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  104. Every single racist person on here is the lowest form of human being on the planet, this means both sides of the fence. Your parents should have been shot for teaching you such hate and installing those values upon your soul.. You are the fucking scourge of this planet and deserve to die the most painful, embarrassing and horrible death possible. Fuck all of you. Good on you to everyone involved in this letter, well written and powerful. I hope it works, for humanity's sake

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  105. You people are all crazy. I guess officer Wilson should have let the kid take his gun. Blind motherfuckers that only see what you want to see.

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  106. You're nothing but a fucking racist, which is worse than any crime. Because it goes against human nature. You're a cunt

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  107. These fucking pussies!!! I'm sure my fellow Marine comrades wouldn't sign this shit glad I'm not there to see them burning American Flags or we would have been shooting already

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  108. I had no idea that I'm the English language that words had any connotation to color, besides describing the many colors in the energy frequency spectrum called visible light,l or derogatory uses of definable words to belittle others. I've never seen a definition containing a term of ownership by any specific race, creed, or "color". If you're a citizen of the United States of America it shouldn't matter, stereotypes and such fallacy is rampant and should be expunged. As for the National Guard, they should follow all lawful orders given to them by those who are their superiors. Faille to perform their duty as stated by regulations is punishable as per regulations. People should maintain their resolve in their peaceful protests and ensure that everything is documented and recorded for their safety. Use your constitutional rights, avoid breaking laws that are not covered by the Constitution and be safe. Ronin and Rain, be the adults I want to believe you are capable of being. Hey over your petty squabble ams realize that you both dislike the other's opinion. If you cannot come to a resolution from taking them perhaps you should both stop for now.

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  109. Well the issue I see here is that everyone wants to here one thing and that one thing was that that black kid was completely inocent. People say "well you weren't there so you don't know, shut up troll" when they realize they weren't there either and don't know what actually went on.

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  110. Those letters were fully fabricated and bullshit…. As an active duty member we all know what our duty is and whether we agree with it or not we vowed to uphold and defend the constitution!! Not ONE person on this site has all the information necessary to pass judgement on the situation. You're basing it off of bits and pieces you've head through the media…. That in and of itself is as ignorant as those that are the majority of the protesting as "peaceful".. 4.5 million dollars in damage since the issue started? Why don't we all focus on the overarching issue and try to make something positive out of an already jacked up situation. Stop blindly following anger because it "feels good" or "feels right".

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  111. How dumb do they all feel now that these people are robbing liquor stores…to get…the…message…across….

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  112. One day your child might go for a five finger discount like 90% of children do and catch a cops bullet and i will remember what you said.If that day came and i seen your posts on the internet im going to call your kid a scumbag punk who got what he deserved.

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  113. Did you read the entire article? Are you a vet? Have you sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution?

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  114. Those who are protesting within the law, the 1st ammendment that is, should have a duty to keep those who are protesting duty bound to a peaceful protest, those who decide to loot are doing nothing more than harming the greater cause. Any harm towards the protestors that are full within their rights to do so would be a great injustice, those who take the oppotunity to loot should be dealt with to the full extent of the law.

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  115. Military members from all over have a chance to change history.

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  116. I don't quite see how burning down a "Little Ceasar's", and looting a "Toys-r-Us" (among many, many other businesses) is considered "freedom of speech" or "peacefully protesting". If it were only cops escalating this situation, then all we'd have is video of cops doing bad things, right? Yet this is not the case. This sounds more like children fighting "he hit me so i hit him back and i kept hitting him until he stopped hitting me." No one will win in a situation like that. Our parents taught us two wrongs don't make a right. Got a problem with the police department? Let's say that in fact their are KKK involved… deal with it, protest, elect, rinse and repeat until you get the results you want. Burning down a subway sandwich shop is hardly the way to initiate "change" unless you're looking for the "government control, curfew and martial law" kind of change.

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  117. I don't know how they got this list of vets names but I call BS on this and I doubt a single one of them know about this so called letter to the National Guard.

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  118. I find it hard to believe this is from actual military people. It was reported al most at once that yes he had his hands in the air waving them and saying, "Yo bro. Whatcha gonna do, shoot me?" as he advanced toward the officer he had just assaulted and tried to take his gun from him. After all, he was too bad to be shot. He was a thug who had just committed strong armed robbery. Really thing the bad ass thug would have let anyone peacefully arrest him? Really think it would have been news even if the kid shot had of been white? I DON'T believe our military members would write a letter like this.

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  119. It doesn't matter if the kid was scum or not people have rights set by our government signed in the Constitution let it be as it will just keep the violence from continuing past the boy and the cop we're all humans let's respect each other and let one another believe what they think is right because everyone's perception is there own reality in this world but who am I but one guy amongst a million saying this

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  120. We are the world.
    We are the pearls.
    We are the children,
    the diamonds, the people.
    Let us be change,
    Let us be rain.
    Let us be detox
    through systems
    so see through.
    We are the differance
    from what we've all been through.
    We are the world.
    We are the pearls.
    We are the children,
    the diamonds, the people.
    Let us be change,
    Let us stop repeating history
    Let us stop acting out sequels
    Let us gather our pain
    and show them we are all equal.
    May we bring change to all of
    our people in ways that are peaceful.
    Let us be social and clever
    Tell the man
    "We gon teach you".
    We are the message that
    Backed itself in a corner
    that it cannot squeeze through.
    We are the glue
    Let us be cool.
    We are people.
    We are equal.
    We are peaceful.
    We are the world.
    We are the RENEW.
    – #GelzGOONYC
    #MichaelBrown #RIP

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  121. This is disgusting. To urge members of our military to riot and loot and break more laws?! That is NOT what is stated in the Constitution. Nowhere does it say " if we don't get our way, mob rules so loot, plunder, and destroy!" College bound kid. Please. He was a thug with a complex who defied authority to get "street cred." The facts were laid out and based on the FACTS the officer did nothing wrong. I am ashamed to be Army with this kind of bullshit floating around. They are not innocent protesters quietly walking down a street, They are all violent thugs and criminals vandalizing and robbing in the name of a thug kid who would still be alive had he just gotten on the damn sidewalk. You people disgust me and are NOT true military soldiers.

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  122. So many people commenting on this are focused on if the cop was in the wrong for shooting the "kid". I personally believe the cop acted appropriately, and it seems a jury of his peers (a grand jury is selected much like a trial jury) feels the same way since there were no criminal charges filed.

    But the actual subject to discuss is if National Guard soldiers should join the protesters or not. If the protesters are peacefully assembling in protest of something they do not agree with, and are allowed to do so by the law enforcement personnel, the NG has nothing to do other than stand around. If the LEOs start to infringe on the protesters' right to peaceably assemble, the NG SHOULD intervene, to allow a peaceful protest to continue. If the protesters turn into rioters, then they are not protesting any more, they are rioting, which is absolutely NOT a form of protest protected by the First Amendment. If there is a riot, the NG should follow their orders to suppress it.

    Lets see how long it takes for someone to jump down my throat on here.

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  123. most of ya'll are fucking nuts. this dude assaults and tries to disarm a cop and loses his life due to those poor choices, he had also just commited a fucking strong armed robbery. i'm all for holding police accountable and acting within the law but brown got himself killed due to his own really stupid choices. and then to say the national guard should join the 'protesters' who are looting and burning their own community is totally fucking insane. every human being has a right to defend themselves. i dont want to be shot, so i'm not going to try to take a cops gun and in doing so bring fists to a gun fight. a grand jury heard all the evidence for weeks and refused to indict but most of ya'll are more informed then them? i think not. pull your fucking heads outta your asses

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  124. Jesus Christ every time a black person is shot by a white man this is what happens..but it a black man kills a white man you better not say a damn word..racist bullshit.. If a white man goes to the ghetto what happens? Take your add to 14th street In Atlanta and try to work. Your tools will be stolen and your ass will be robbed. Now we have trashy ass white people too don't get it twisted. But stop with the race bullshit. He attacked anlaw enforcement officer. I'd shoot his Ass to protect myself as well. This world is nothing but a giant race war. Images of blacks are created by none else than the black people. Rap songs? About whAt? Drugs,robbery,killing police,and having sex…what an image.

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  125. Who ever wrote this should be ashamed to call themselves soldier's.
    This whole article is bullshit!
    The protesters are acting like animals!
    Mike brown was a criminal! Point blank!

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  126. I took that same oath several times when I served in the Army. I also agree with it, but I think you're not understanding what is actually happening in Ferguson. Did you see the protests last night? They quickly became riots, looting, burning businesses to the ground, throwing molotov cocktails at police, and firing shots at police. None of this is free speech or freedom of assembly protected by the 1st amendment. Yes, all service members have a duty to disobey any unlawful orders, but I'm not aware of any unlawful orders at this point. They're also bound to obey lawful orders, so what exactly are you asking them to do? Lol

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  127. "We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."

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  128. Ferguson protesters are robbing and burning their whole community. They have also abused reporters. They have been doing street robberies on innocent families' homes. You are fucking nuts if you believe that is any kind of peaceful protest lmao

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  129. This whole thread is full of winners! Seriously, I can't believe that some of you, out of a million sperm were the winners.

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  130. what would u do if big guy come at you and 1st he assaulted you. you have gun with you and this guy still coming at you and will assault you again and try hard you what would u do put your self to position of this police officer… (sorry my english its my tertiary language)

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    Mike Brown when showed disrespect for the law and chose to attack a police officer!!!!!!!!

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  132. Apparently no one in that letter knows the oath the National Guard take. The governor had given an order. You fulfill that order. Just like when the president gives an order. Plus I don't see the hurt in sending them. Push back the crowds and get them to simmer down

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  133. There is so much factually wrong in this argument that it amazes me. Idiots, all of you.

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  134. This letter is bullshit! Just like the so called college bound gentle giant. We would never support this. Quit spreading these fuckin lies. Be apart of the solution and not the problem anti-media.

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  135. This letter is bullshit! Just like the college bound gentle giant. Anti-media be apart of the solution and not the problem. This is a complete fabricated story…..first casualty of war is the truth!

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  136. This is absolutely absurd. The death of michael brown was a tragedy, but he put himself in that situation by assaulting a police officer and attempting to take said officers weapon. Its a shame how race baiters are using this story to cause a huge decline in race relations and are using propaganda to enrage certain groups of people, the use of such tactics have set us back at least 50 years. While its completely legal and great to peacefully protest, we have miscreant thugs running rampant in the streets among peaceful protesters making it hard for the police and national guard to differentiate between the two groups which in turn causes collateral damage, I'm positive the authorities are not purposefully targeting children and other innocent people. But when you got assholes setting buildings on fire and throwing fire bombs at people, its probably not the best idea to protest in said area. Its great that people want the authorities to do the right thing, but whatever your opinion about the case is, Ferguson is currently a warzone and its best to avoid the area. If you want to protest go somewhere where thugs are not looting and burning and shooting. And fuck whoever is using the death of this man as an excuse to commit crimes. If you care about this individual you should show respect and honor to his memory by fighting for your beliefs in a positive manor.

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  137. So I love reading civilian post when it comes to anything in the military. It would be disobeying a lawful order for them to not listen to the orders given to them by who Evers in charge. How bout some of you who think the military or national guard is a place where you can do what ever you wanna do go join and find out. Because it's not. It's a tragedy that an 18 year old man has died, but the national guard doesn't get to show their feelings they have to listen to orders and that's the bottom line. Go join and find out

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  138. Free speech? A right to assemble??? Really?? So burning, looting, destroying businesses and entire community is free speech? These vets and national guards are a bunch of cowards. Each person named below this letter are totally responsible and liable for what just happened in Ferguson. If I was a business person who lost my business…I would file a lawsuit against each one who sent that letter including the governor and MAKE THEM PAY!!!

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  139. If these signatures are real, I say to everyone who signed it that you have fully disobeyed your oath of office, Your oath is to protect and defend the constitution of the United States, What part of our Constitution gives the people the right to loot steal and burn another man's property for no reason at all. The people who owned or worked at these business had absolutely nothing to do with the verdict that was handed down in Ferguson , Michael Brown was a thug who got caught and then thought he could bully a police officer . You have apparently not heard the real evidence of the event or you do not care one , I for one as A military Vet hope the right people see this letter if it is true and legal proceeding are enacted against every name on it if they are still active military, This letter shows you have no regard to protect this nation as you should, Yes there are bad police officers but it was not police officers who destroyed Ferguson it was lawless citizens who have no respect for other peoples property period.

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  140. The only place this kid was bound was a jail cell. What kind of bs is this. Sure maybe he should not have gotten killed. But one thing is certainly true this THUG robbed a store and assaulted the clerk. Jail is not College bound

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  141. What parent in their right mind would take their child to a protest knowing full well they could be harms way.

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  142. There will always be those who refuse to accept the rule of law,….. including your president who circumvents laws he doesn't like and tries to make his own law like a dictator
    ….and soon we will be one more Banana Republic. It starts with the burned out shanty town they've created in Ferguson! Don't be surprised when they ask for Disaster Relief to rebuild what they themselves burned down and destroyed…another handout!

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  143. Even college bound black men can expect to be shot when they decide to rob businesses and attack police…my biggest issue with this post isn't that the letter asks for N.G.'s to side with the protesters right to assemble and be heard, but that the rhetoric includes an appeal to become jurors and judges without the benefit of grand jury evidence. I agree that the police have acted criminally in response to the peaceful activists…and granted, not all of the protestors were peaceful…but police attacks were being recorded, even against the media…and for that reason alone, Non-compliance by the justified. But, without becoming a judge concerning the outcome of a grand jury decision based on the facts…and not the emotions…surrounding the incident.

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  144. If you attack ANY man who has a gun in his possession, you can rightly expect that you may be shot…and killed…period.

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  145. Any Guardsmen who followed this line of reasoning would be in violation of UCMJ for not following a direct order. Good luck with that…

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  146. There are times I must say where I'm embarrassed to be a veteran. And reading this story is one of those times.

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  147. They are domestic terrorists and should be treated as such. I vote in act old school martial law. Step outside your home unauthorized and be shot on sight.

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  148. No thanks. You people do not represent me or the majority of combat veterans that understand due process, and can discern emotional hype from sober reflection. You've only demonstrated that vets just like other people, are fully capable of pre-judging and verbal malice.

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  149. This is a crock of shit! Peaceful protesters are fine, but you throw in the looting, threats of violence and murder, that's where I gets out if line. How many people list their lively hood last night? How many of them deserved that? Hundred of thousands of dollars just gone. All of those thugs are lucky nobody got shot. Do that shut in Texas and see what the store owners do.

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  150. FAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEE…… none of them are afgan vets, even though we have been at war there for a decade and a half?

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  151. Everybody on here that's making dumb ass comments and downing what there trying to do are only white folks who likes this kind of stuff…

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  152. What part of peaceful assembly was followed at Fergurson? Looting and burning down businesses is protected under the 1st amendment? I say roll the Marines in there and quell these barbaric protestors who are burning down stores and looting all in the name of Michael Brown. B.S.
    USMC 89 – 93

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  153. This Jordan dude is one of the most dumbest person I have ever seen comment..

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  154. As a veteran I completely agree with these vets. WE went to war to fight FOR our freedoms, the police didn't. During desegregation the National Guard had to be deployed to prevent the southern police from abusing the people who were peacefully marching. The police in Ferguson will escalate the violence in order to start riots, that's what they do. The National Guard needs to stand by to protect the people FROM the police.

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  155. As a Marine Corps S/Sgt 1969 – 1975 and a Texas Army National Guard Cpt 1978 – 1991 I will say this…………every one of you pieces of shit that signed that letter are a disgrace to your service and to the United States of America. That is all.

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  156. At the risk of being peppered with hate I do say this , 3 different autopsy all had the same findings that brown was shot hunched over gsr from brown and the cop both showr close proximity . Lack of absolute coherence on witness account (over 60 witnesses all had different stories lie under oath) makes this case clear the cop acted like he was trained to but I do detest the violence towards peaceful protests and infringements upon the 1A. Tho most "protesters" in this area now are thugs and looters like in other grief struck areas before thy swarmed into to further their own gains or agendas. Do hope the NG and LEO's put down just the thugs and looters. They should however leave the right to protest and free speech alone.

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  157. Not only would I sign the letter….but I would actually take it a step further and interpose myself in between the peaceful protesters and the misguided Ferguson Police in full gear. I would recognize that my real duty is to the peaceful protesters. Police should be focusing on protecting businesses from the looters….not worrying about the peaceful protests. Since you haven't been paying attention….this has nothing to do with the shooting anymore….it has to do with the police violently attacking the peaceful protesters. The question of what happened to Mike Brown no longer matters.

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  158. This is astounding and so blind-sighted. Here You have a common thief regardless of the color of his skin who stole and taunted a police officer in the line of duty and by resisting arrest gets himself killed. This is not about race this is about a society who has lost its moral compass and its awareness of Truth, beauty and all that is fair, just and decent and in its place there now appears to be emerging a mob rule mentality playing the race card as an excuse to justify lawlessness in an attempt to destroy the very thing that stands between and protects against rampant madness/chaos. When you see this kind of rage perpetrated against those that serve to protect the public you are now witnessing how corruption has infiltrated and blinded folks to what keeps them safe from the thieves and murderers. Shame on this letter and shame on those who are in denial of Truth. This is not the answer.

    Martin Luther King would turn over in his grave if he saw what was going on and how characterless Sharpton and Jackson sold themselves out along time ago and have just about undone all the hard work King accomplished. The only solution is a return to moral integrity. We have folks like Dr. Ben Carson and Thomas Sowell who exemplify character so much so you don't see the color of their skin and they abhore what's going on. If anyone wants to protest anything, protest the universities and all the learning institutions that have removed God from the picture . Protest political correctness and dishonesty. Stand up for what made this country great–it's moral foundation and acknowedgement of the Supreme Being of us all and Who is given credit by our Founding Fathers in our founding documents is the Orchstrator, the Director and Blessed Controller that supports all things of goodness, kindness and decency towards one's Bretheren. We are now beginning to see the results of that denial and the road we are going down. And it's not going to get better until we change our minds and our hearts. May God have mercy on us all.

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  160. Everything I've read has made me think that I don't get an opinion on the matter because I'm white andi just don't get how what happened was race related.

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  161. Here's the facts of the situation people. He ROBBED a store, that's a felony, making him a criminal. When confronted by police, after matching the description of the suspect, let alone there's video of him engaging in strong arm robbery moments before the incident, he assaulted the police officer and attempted to grab his gun. Under the color of law, the moment he went for officer Wilson's firearm he became a threat to officer Wilson's life. After officer Wilson exited the vehicle, brown first attempted to run, then turned back to attack the officer. At this time officer Wilson engaged the threat with his firearm, killing brown and ending the threat to his life. Instead of asking my brothers to stand with domestic terrorists, they are burning and looting businesses in their own town, affecting people's lives that had nothing to do with the situation, why don't you stand behind the grand jury, the officers, the guardsmen, and the law! A criminal is dead, stop this race baiting, "he's not responsible for his actions" bullshit and look at what's really going on!

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  162. You idiots that think it was justified, and that this is no race issue answer this. Why did this happen, yet when a white man executed people in a theater and sat armed to the teeth waiting for police he didn't get executed? Hmmmm……

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  163. the US Constitution in the First Amendment states Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Notice it states PEACEABLY assemble, not to allow rioting, shooting at police and buildings, there has been nothing peaceful about their assembly.

    I say this with the utmost respect, and coming from a long line of military veterans of multiple branches; If you stand on the side of Michel Brown or his rioters and looters, than FUCK YOU.

    This has nothing to do with race or anything similar, it is simply a proud American disgusted at the way its citizens are acting.

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  164. This has to be the most biased and the least factual article I have read in a while.. Congrats.

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  165. No one is stopping people from peacefully protesting, which is what the First Amendment protects. Destroying the personal property of your fellow citizens is NOT protesting.

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  166. Asking them to stand down? That's BULLSHIT! They're sworn to protect America from foreign and DOMESTIC threats……and I'm sorry…..A fire setting…..public property trashing rioting mob is a danger to society and needs to be controlled……PERIOD!

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  167. This is biggest load of bullshit. If you riot and loot and burn property then you are no better than the filth you despise. To perpetuate violence with violence is only proof you're equally as ignorant and dangerous as a racist cop who kills a kid in cold blood.

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  168. It positively astounds me how many people here are making all kinds of declarations about the "oh-so-angelic" Mike Brown have obviously NOT seem the Prosecutors statement or read it online. Most of the supposed evidence being bandied about in social media was proven to be false. Like the "hands up in surrender" thing. The autopsies, ALL OF THEM, INCLUDING THE ONE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY HIS parents showed he was not in any kind of surrender position when he was shot. His little liar buddy Dorian Johnson finally admitted he made up the story about Brown being shot in the back. Multiple witnesses who claimed they saw him with his hands up facing the officer finally ADMITTED they didn't see that, some even confessed they hadn't even actually seen the shooting but we're going by things "they had heard". The autopsy and forensic evidence PROVED Brown was shot ìn the hand, in the car, with his hand either on, or within a couple of inches of the gun. This Brown character punched the officer multiple times and tried to take his gun,…..was the cop supposed to give him a pass because he was black? ??? I would be far more sympathetic if the black community could find a truly innocent victim to raise hell over. Trayvon Main turned out to be a druggie who ambushed and attacked and sucker punched someone that he thought was following him. Kid was known for street fighting and had pics of himself holding guns. Kicked out of school, kicked out of his mother's house. Not a good martyr figure. But- just like with Trayvon Martin, people get all wound up and outraged BEFORE THEY KNOW THE FACTS. But by the time the facts come out these folks have already expended so much outrage that when they find out the person was actually NOT good martyr material and the FACTS show it—- they are to proud to admit they were wrong. And continue yammering and raising hell, even though everybody knows it is ridiculous. This nation is growing tied of idiots demanding that thugs be allowed to assault people without meeting any resistance. Because apparently they are all angels. Sigh…….If IS sad an 18 year old is dead. It IS tragedy. But it is one he brought on himself by attacking a police officer, trying to take his gun, and then charging him. Oh, and commiting a strong arm robbery first want too smart either. By watching the video you could tell Brown was no stranger to bullying people, it was NOT his first rodeo. The utter contempt for the store owner while he was stealing spoke volumes about his character. Brown wasnt college bound, he was prison bound.

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  169. yup that logic is legit. go burn down more small businesses and help loot more buildings. because that's what good citizens and the military would do to benefit their community! the vast majority of the people "protesting" are not doing anything but trying to cause trouble and get their 15 minutes of fame. "peaceful protest" great joke

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  170. some of you people are fucking retards would you really be okay with it one of your family members and got shot and wasn't even found with a weapon and then they say too bad because the guy who killed one of your family members was a cop so it doesn't matter even if he was guilty or not and it doesn't matter if he was black white or Asian or Hispanic cops should be held at a higher standard and lately they have killed too many accidental accidental kids

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  171. Wow a few of the US soldiers out of about 500,000 send a letterI hope the National Guard go in and mop the streets up with those worthless thugs that are ruining that damn city worthless pieces of fucking Obama shit

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