Video Shows Israeli Soldiers Praising Each Other for Shooting Palestinians

January 18, 2016   |   Michaela Whitton

Michaela Whitton
January 18, 2016

(ANTIMEDIA) Palestine — A video has emerged showing Israeli soldiers goading each other to shoot at Palestinian protesters. In the commentary — reminiscent of teenagers playing a video game — the soldiers are heard laughing and praising each other on their aim as they target the young Palestinian men.

Since the start of October, the wave of unrest has seen more than 20 Israelis killed and 158 Palestinians. Thousands have been injured or arrested.

The video was released by Palestinian activists after it was reportedly dropped by Israeli soldiers during clashes near the city of Ramallah. The Palestinians say the damning footage refutes claims that the Israeli military only open fire when Palestinians pose an immediate threat.

Filmed from inside an armoured vehicle and translated from Hebrew by an Israeli activist, the soldiers are heard egging each other on and gloating, as they use the protesters as target practice. As the conversation between the two officers develops, the soldiers choose who to aim at by describing the protesters by what they are wearing and what they are doing.

“Yes! He took it in the ass,” one is heard saying as the Palestinian falls to the ground. “Right in the ass!”

“Well done!” the other replies as the young man is carried from the scene.

“What a hit! Beautiful!” another says, during the sequence of shots which shows a number of Palestinians being injured by the sniper as they hurl stones with slingshots and roll burning tires. “He’s down. He fell. Well done!” another gloats.

In a later scene, a soldier asks: “Did you hit him?” The other replies: “Of course I did, bro.”

“Well done, excellent work. It hit.” Congratulations are repeated throughout the three-minute video as the same scene repeats itself numerous times. Often the officer checks that the victim is injured or limping and waits for him to be evacuated from the area.

The final scenes show a discussion taking place in Arabic inside the military jeep. While the authenticity of the video has not been confirmed, Ma’an news has confirmed that the Israeli army will be looking into the allegations.

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Author: Michaela Whitton

Michaela Whitton joined Anti-Media as its first journalist abroad in May of 2015. Her topics of interest include human rights, conflict, the Middle East, Palestine, and Israel. Born and residing in the United Kingdom, she is also a photographer.

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  2. All the Palistinians have to do is stop attacking Isreal. Simple as that. Isreal doesn't want war, they want peace – and to be left alone. Why don't the Arabs that call themselves Palistinians just stop trying to kill Jewish people? Obviously the Arabs want war or they would simply stop the attacks. Anyone and everyone has a right to protect themselves when someone is trying to kill them. That is what Israel is doing – protecting themselves. So this report is pure BS as those that worship Allah actually worship Satan.

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  4. A truly startling display of ignorance in the face of evidence presented evidences cognitive dissonance of the highest order, Michael. You might want to attempt understanding and, perhaps, further investigation into ample examples to the contrary of your oddly entrenched opinion.

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  5. All the Israeli have to do is stop attacking Palestine. Simple as that. Palsestine doesn't want war, they want peace – and to be left alone. Why don't the Jews that call themselves Israeli just stop trying to kill Muslim people? Obviously the Israli want war or they would simply stop the attacks. Anyone and everyone has a right to protect themselves when someone is trying to kill them. That is what Palestine is doing – protecting themselves. So this report is a reality check. Sensored by Western media.

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  6. Israel has occupied Palestine for decades restricting Palestinians free trade and building Jewish settlements. Israels army has been using the area for testing their chemical waepons, and as this video shows, a shooting range for practice, killing protesters protesting against the Israel occupation. Michael C Robertson, please watch this video and think twice:

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  7. The Palestinian representative at the United Nations, Riyad Mansour, accused Israelis last year of harvesting organs from the Palestinian terrorists they’ve shot. Back in the real world, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas claimed Israel had executed a 13 year-old Palestinian boy for no reason, when in fact the boy was pictured alive and being treated in an Israeli hospital (thus violating one of the basic requirements of the term “executed”) for wounds sustained while being prevented from stabbing more than the two people he had already stabbed.

    Palestinians blame Israel for all their problems, view the Jewish state as an illegitimate colonial presence on their land, believe that violence against Israelis is justified and even laudable, believe that Jews are bloodthirsty and dishonest, and are predisposed to take at face value even the most absurd accusations against these uniquely evil enemies. Read through the essay and ask yourself how anyone could be expected to make peace with such people.

    So here is the unfortunate truth: the Palestinians do not want and are not prepared to make peace with Israelis. That’s not my opinion. It’s theirs. All I did was listen to them. Unless and until that fact changes, there is no peace to be had.

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