Video: TV Ad Airs Asking Military Drone Pilots to Stop Participating in War

John Vibes
March 23, 2014

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(ANTIMEDIA) Las Vegas, NV — Earlier this month, a television ad appeared on CNN, MSNBC and other mainstream networks asking drone pilots to stop participating in war.

Nick Mottern, one of the creators of the ad is hoping to show how war is immoral and show what weaponized drones are actually capable of. Until now the only footage of drones to appear on mainstream television showed a view from very far away where the human carnage can not be seen.

“We produced this spot to make the point as powerfully as possible that drone killing is horrifying, illegal and immoral, Mottern said.

When people were exposed to the true carnage of war through the television footage of Vietnam, they were quickly motivated to demand an end to the war. In years since, the government has been careful to limit the images and videos that make their way home from the battlefield, at least through the mainstream media. It is more difficult for them to censor this reality from the internet, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

Just this week it was reported that Google was suspending advertising revenue for because they were publishing controversial photos that showed the brutality that American soldiers had been unleashing overseas. Google then offered to reinstate their advertising service if the website would unpublish their controversial photos.

The advertisement is only 15 seconds long, but it likely contains the most real footage of war that the mainstream media has broadcast in decades.

The ad in its entirety can be viewed below:

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