VOICE: The Most Chilling Trump Policy Yet

A new program to be introduced under the Trump administration called VOICE seems inspired by the Nuremberg Laws of Nazi Germany. How far will his government go to belittle and vilify America’s immigrants?

(MINTPRESS) Donald Trump’s first month in office has already left countless human rights organizations and activists reeling. The ACLU and a small army of lawyers have been working around the clock, pro bono, to fight an executive order that has targeted visa holders, green card holders and DREAMers. One would hope that things couldn’t get any worse in such a short span of time.

And yet, they have.

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During his first congressional address, Donald Trump spoke of “a new chapter of American greatness” and revealed a terrifying new project called VOICE, which stands for Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement. VOICE will be an office dedicated to documenting and compiling reports about crimes committed by undocumented immigrants.

The impact of this type of governmental program will likely be increased hostility toward immigrants. We’ve already seen what happens in times when there is a rise in bigoted rhetoric aimed at minority communities — be they black, Muslim, Jewish or otherwise.

The proposed VOICE program should frighten people not only because of what it means for the future of immigrants in the United States, but also the images and ideas from the past that it evokes.In a move to isolate and vilify Jews, the German Nazi Party would run reports on supposed Jewish crime statistics in order to stoke anti-Semitism.

An article from 1935 from the Nazi paper ‘Neues Volk’ entitled, “The Criminal Jew.” This article shows photos of Jews alongside their alleged crimes.

The German public aided in their efforts by providing their own anecdotes that vilified Jews. These stories would then be published by Der Sturmer, a newspaper that regularly featured caustic anti-Semitic content.

We have already seen examples of the kind of bigotry and hatred that the Trump administration has fostered. On Feb. 22, a man in Kansas shot two Indian-American men at a bar in Kansas, reportedly demanding that they “get out of [his] country.” One of the men was killed and the other man, as well as a bystander who chased the gunman as he escaped, were injured. The gunman reportedly thought he was shooting two Iranians, according to 911 calls placed by a worker at a restaurant where the gunman sought refuge after the attack.

Studies have shown that immigrants are actually less likely to commit crime than people born in the U.S. And yet, many immigrant communities are facing unprecedented hostility from both the public and the government. The VOICE program will only add to these woes, resulting in further stigmatisation or even violence.

VOICE may not be our generation’s Nuremberg Laws, but we can’t afford to deny that it could someday get to that stage.

By Roqayah Chamseddine  / Republished with permission / MintPress News / Report a typo




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  • Bob Hurt

    Roqayah Chamseddine is a Marxist agitprop agent of the left stirring up discontent where none exists. Americans don’t hate immigrants. They hate criminal/terrorist behavior of immigrants. And that should mean Mexicans and Muslims because they engage in so much crime and terrorism. Regardless of that, violence against immigrants is rare. And our irresponsible or leftist Presidents had enforced immigration laws, we wouldn’t have the problem we now have with immigrants. The US needs to eject all illegal/undocumented aliens forthwith.

  • Glenn Faria

    The only bigotry and hatred we have seen is by those protesting and shutting down free speech. Their violence and hate mongering is second to none. And who is it that spreads the false narrative fomenting the Marxist beliefs propagated by those who call themselves Democrats, liberals — Liber-tards. Leave it to a writer named ‘Roqayah’; tp proloferate fake news, lies, state propaganda and fear mongering. (State propaganda described as Obama admin tactics.)

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      • Chia2015

        Wow what a comeback….so insightful (dripping with sarcasm). Here is an idea tell the commentator why you think he is wrong and debate.

        I think Glenn is 100% correct. Shutting down someone else’s opinion or voice is the real threat of democracy. Political correctness is groupthink which is the number one reason why Hillary lost. Middle America got tired of being told how to think, how to talk and how to respond.

    • Ted Pea

      Your ‘debating’ style undoes all philosophy, science and reasoning developed since Plato. The real tragedy of the Trump phenomenon is the idiotic and childish mindset of his supporters. You’re so wrong, it’s untrue, and you’re even too stupid to realise this.