Hey Democrats: A Vote for Hillary Clinton Is Actually a Vote for Donald Trump

(ANTIMEDIA) San Diego, CA — With California finally mattering in an election season, it might be the final state primary before the Democratic race for president is set in stone. Regardless, recent developments have made one thing astoundingly clear: Donald Trump will almost surely defeat Hillary Clinton in a head to head matchup — and that’s why a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for Donald Trump.

It may seem crazy to many, but Donald Trump is now leading — for the first time — in an average of national polls pitting the presumptive Republican nominee against Hillary Clinton. These results come at a time when Trump hasn’t even started aggressively attacking her yet; after all, he just finished fending off over a dozen Republican primary challengers — a feat thought all but impossible by political experts the world over.

Trump is rising and Hillary is sinking, but this is not a new phenomenon for Clinton — she’s been sinking ever since she joined the race for the presidency. Operating almost exclusively on name recognition and gender identity alone, Clinton has seen her enormous lead in the polls over Bernie Sanders evaporate in the last several months, with some national polls even placing his popularity ahead of hers.

This should not be all that surprising in hindsight, with an unknown democratic socialist meteorically rising to catch one of the most well-known names in modern American politics. America is fed up with status-quo politics — and Clinton embodies this bad taste, which is now in a majority of Americans’ mouths. But Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump don’t. The all-but-guaranteed Clinton presidency now faces a fight from Bernie Sanders all the way to the Democratic convention.

Clinton, like Trump, faces a major favorability problem. Well over half of Americans view her unfavorably, and her honesty and likeability ratings are close to record lows. She’s got an ongoing FBI problem (read: email scandal). Trump is running to the left of her on foreign policy, trade, and economy — and to the right of her on immigration. These are all issues that are resonating well for Trump and lackluster for Clinton, who has taken flack for everything from her cozy ties to Wall Street and support of NAFTA to the 1994 crime bill she helped Bill Clinton pass when he was in office.

Trump has only been the presumptive nominee for a few weeks, but he’s already overtaken Hillary in the national polls. Considering her utter lack of momentum and enthusiasm, it doesn’t take a political scientist to understand this equation looks like a sure defeat for Hillary Clinton.

Even so, experts are weighing in — and many of them are reaching the same conclusion presented here: if Democrats vote for Clinton, they are essentially voting for a Trump presidency. The only effective Democratic challenge to Trump is from Bernie Sanders, who has continuously polled double digits ahead of Trump in a head to head matchup. Democratic superdelegates may want to take note of this reality — or face a sure defeat to the Donald in November.

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