Watch Hillary Clinton Continuously Mislead the Public for 13 Minutes Straight

January 31, 2016   |   Nick Bernabe

Nick Bernabe
January 31, 2016

(ANTIMEDIA) Hillary Clinton has a truth problem, and on the eve of the Iowa caucus, it’s important to know where the candidates stand (or don’t stand) before participating in the political process. One concern many Americans have raised about Hillary Clinton is that her positions on so many important issues have changed throughout the years — and even just days apart — depending on the audience she is addressing. Below is a 13-minute compilation of clips that show how Hillary Clinton has misled the public, contradicted herself, and directly lied in recent years.


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Author: Nick Bernabe

Nick Bernabe founded Anti-Media in May of 2012. His topics of interest include civil liberties, the drug war, economic justice, foreign policy, geopolitics, government corruption, the police state, politics, propaganda, and social justice. He currently resides in Chula Vista, California, where he was born and raised.

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  1. I can't listen to this cunt talk for very long. I think I watched this in like 5 or so chunks. She lies through her teeth it's so infuriating

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  2. Didn't someone get fired for the same story? Yeah, a reporter, you may remember him.

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  5. Republicans are getting more and more desperate. They have spent more than $8 million on negative campaigns against her in Iowa and she still won. Hillary 2016

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