Watch this 22 Year Old Mayoral Candidate Destroy the Two-Party System on Live TV

(ANTIMEDIA) Encinitas, California is set to host their first ever mayoral election on November 4th, a position that was traditionally appointed by the city council. Alex Fidel, the youngest of the mayoral candidates, is turning heads with his openness and sincerity when addressing public issues. His platform addresses issues such as unemployment, the war on drugs, corporatism, police brutality , GMOs, bipartisan party electoral methods, budgets, overspending, and more. After some hand wringing, he was able to get an interview on a local news station; which turned out to be the most honest four minutes and twenty seconds they have ever aired. Watch the clip below:

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After personally speaking to Alex Fidel I was quick to realize that he has a tremendous amount of knowledge for a 22 year old. He’s able to address issues from a perspective that is truly independent from the quintessential democratic/republican representation. Unlike the usual representatives that abide primarily by monetary gains, Alex Fidel focuses on upholding the constitution, the value of peace, liberty, freedom, and equality when addressing public affairs. Alex argues that the future of politics isn’t in the power of a political hero but in the increased involvement of the population itself.

Unless there’s more involvement by the citizens of Encinitas, which is located in San Diego county, the established political methods will continue to oppress and ignore the population and the constitution they agreed to uphold.  Visit Alex’s website,, for more information on upcoming political debates, make contributions, or any other inquiries. Alex joined The Anti-Media radio show last night and talked with us about a few of the issues facing Encinitas and the country. You can listen to a recording of our show here. Below are a few more videos of Alex exposing the police militarization in Encinitas and political corruption.

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