We Copwatch Raises $7,000 to Arm Ferguson Residents with Cameras to Keep Police Accountable

Nick Bernabe (TheAntiMedia)
September 22, 2014

It’s a sad day in America when police tasked with upholding our civil rights are in many cases the chief abusers of said rights. But this has become a sobering reality for many who have had their eyes opened to the dangers of police encroachment on liberties following the recent militarized response to Ferguson, MO unrest.

copblockFerguson police recently announced the use of 50 body cameras that are now being used by their forces, but Ferguson citizens are also taking accountability measures themselves. With the help of national police accountability organization We Copwatch, Ferguson resident David Whitt has now armed fellow citizens with 110 cameras that will be pointed back at the police.

Future Cop Watchers are now being trained on asserting their civil liberties and how to properly document police abuses. The Go Fund Me campaign is still live, you can support the initiative by clicking here.

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