Exclusive: Whistleblower Exposes Cover-up by Pasadena Police After Killing Kendrec McDade

PM Beers
April 9, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Los Angeles, CA — Jasmine Richards of Black Lives Matter Pasadena was arrested on March 30, 2014 and charged with a failure-to-appear charge. Police later amended the charges to making “terrorist threats,” trespassing, petty theft, assault, and evading the police.

Jasmine Richards

She was on her way to speak out at the Pasadena public safety committee meeting where she was going to expose leaked information about the Pasadena police department’s handling of their killing of 19 year-old Kendrec McDade. The head of the Pasadena public safety committee is vice mayor Jackie Robinson, who is currently running for a seat in the California state senate.  According to Jasmine Richards, vice mayor Robinson “put out an APB on me, she didn’t want me to read because she’s getting funded by the police union.

Jasmine was given leaked insider information on the internal investigation of the police officers who shot and ran over Kendrec McDade with their vehicle. The Office of Independent Review (OIR) report by the Gennaco group for Kendrec McDade. Jasmine explained that “these are excepts that would have shown that the police are guilty of murder. They didn’t want this to be on public record.”

19 year-old Kendrec McDade was falsely accused of stealing a laptop at gunpoint on March 24, 2012. He did not have a gun that day. His parents later won a wrongful death lawsuit and were paid one million dollars. Despite their proving his death was wrongful, the two officers who murdered him have remained unaccountable for their actions and there has been considerable effort to cover up their wrong-doings. Officials use the excuse that they cannot reveal personnel information about individual officers. This is one of many legal reasons why police are rarely found guilty of murder when their actions are murder.

The cops made a lot of mistakes and the details were leaked in the report that Jasmine Richards received from an unnamed source. It reveals all of the missteps made by Officers Jeffrey Newlen and Mathew Griffin and how they violated Pasadena police department policy several times which lead to the death of Kendrec McDade.

The following information was hidden form the public until now:

Kendrec McDade
Kendrec McDade

The cops never put their lights on, which would have automatically turned on their in-car dash camera. They never should have gone down an alley if they felt unsafe doing so. They never called for back up. They never made radio communication that they were pursuing who they thought was an armed suspect. All of these actions went against their training. Officer Griffin unholstered his weapon and steered the car with one hand. Jasmine explained, “This officer drove with one hand and he shot with the other. That’s called a drive-by in my neighborhood.” Officer Newlen didn’t tell his partner he was going to pursue McDade on foot. Pasadena police policy state a preference that police stay together when pursuing a suspect on foot. Officer Griffin failed to put his car in park before he got out to shoot Kendrec McDade. This may be why the car ran him over. Had officers Griffin and Newlen follwed Pasadena police policy, Kendrec McDade would most likely be alive today.

I spoke exclusively with Jasmine at a march against police brutality on April 7th in Los Angeles about the leaked report. You can watch the entire interview below:

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