Who’s really to blame for Fort Lauderdale’s war on homeless?

Justin King
November 20, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) Fort Lauderdale banned feeding the homeless in public, taking on the role of determining what private citizens can do with their own money. Local pastors and activists have continued their work of feeding the homeless and Fort Lauderdale’s law enforcement just followed orders and charged them with a crime. These men of integrity are facing months in jail for feeding the homeless.

When an officer finds themselves arresting pastors that are feeding people who have nothing, they should know they’re on the wrong side. They might as well have a ski mask on, because they are the criminal.

It would be easy to blame Mayor Jack Seiler (D) and the commissioners who voted to ban feeding the homeless, and they definitely own a share of the blame. The fact is that they’re just the same corrupt, self-serving degenerates that seek public office in the cesspool of Fort Lauderdale. They’re the type of politicians that would ban feeding the homeless and then pass a proclamation congratulating themselves on their work for the homeless. They’re the type that would lie about establishing additional feeding centers. Yes, these pillars of the community actually did these things.

Mayor Jack Seiler said

“We have set up alternative locations for feeding.”

On another occasion he said

“We actually expanded the number of feeding locations in the city of Fort Lauderdale.”

Then he said

“We’re working with some 70 churches (and) some 20-plus organizations. They’re all feeding on a daily basis.”

Pastor Frank Pontillo and Rev. Perry Cannon say the Mayor is being less than accurate. Pontillo said

“Only four. There’s not hundreds. There’s not dozens and dozens. This is just not a true story.”


The reader can decide for themselves whether they will believe the career politician or a Pastor and a Reverend. When questioned about his lies, the Mayor said that the city had “sanctioned” every church in the city to conduct feedings inside their own buildings. The power-drunk mayor believes churches need his blessing to feed the homeless inside their own buildings. This is just a sample of Seiler’s lies about the feeding locations, click here for a complete listing.

The local media certainly gets their share of the blame. While reporting on the city’s proclamation in support of the homeless, the sycophants at the SunSentinel actually said:

“It’s harder for the homeless to get a meal served to them outdoors in the city these days, but that doesn’t mean the city doesn’t have a heart.”

I hate to be the one to break it to the fine citizens of Fort Lauderdale that voted these low-life politicians into office and those that read that rag of a paper, but when a community is citing pastors and taking food from the mouths of the poor, it does not have a heart. No amount of hollow words on a proclamation will change that.

The real blame rests squarely on the officers enforcing this “law.” They have a duty to humanity to disobey immoral orders. They have a duty to the community to protect all citizens, not just the wealthy. They have a duty to the Constitution to make sure there is equal protection under the law. They have failed in their duty.

“Just following orders” is not an excuse. “It’s the law” is not an excuse. Everything the Gestapo did was legal under German law; those that hunted down slaves trying to reach freedom were enforcing the law. A more fitting analogy though, is the Sheriff of Nottingham from Disney’s Robin Hood. Instead of the cowardly Prince John of England, there is Prince Jack of Lauderdale with the role of the sniveling snake being played by the commissioners.

The officers that choose to enforce this law are the same as the fat bear that robbed the little bunnies of their last farthings for food. They stop the noble badger Friar Tuck from feeding the poor. These officers are the villains from a Disney movie. They are apparently incapable of understanding a concept imparted to children through a cartoon: a decent person does not rob the poor to feed the rich.

The next time these officers sit and watch the movie with their children they can point to the screen and say “That’s what daddy does at work.” Their children will be so proud.

Luckily for Fort Lauderdale, it has a Robin Hood. Just like the Robin of legend, Abbot Arnold is a veteran. The 90-year-old fought during World War II as an infantryman for more than two years. Arnold embodies a defiance everybody should strive for.

“I am not afraid at all. I was a combat infantryman for 2 1/2 years. I’ve spent 50 years fighting for civil rights for the minorities in this country. I don’t have the slightest fear of being arrested. The only thing I am concerned about is that there would be nobody to feed the homeless outdoors, which is what I do – and what I intend to do as long as there is breath in my body.”

Abbot’s merry men are Dwayne Black and Mark Sims. Together these men are attempting to hold on until Prince Jack is dethroned by someone capable of leadership.

Prince Jack Seiler runs for reelection in the spring, and has indicated he has plans on the Governor’s office in 2018. If he was to win that election he could turn the boycott of Fort Lauderdale into a statewide phenomenon and completely destroy the state’s economy. Most of its citizens would end would up homeless and be unable to be fed. Seiler’s possible candidacy is good news for state Republicans who could easily defeat a man that quite literally took food from the mouths of the poor.

Any person that would stop hungry people from receiving food is completely lacking in integrity and humanity. They are disgrace to their community, to their families, and to the human race.

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