Anonymous' #OpIsrael Hacks 700 Websites, Israeli Media Still Says it was 'Epic Fail'

Sydney Barakat
April 7, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Hacktivist group Anonymous launched their cyber attack against Israel today, which they have dubbed “OpIsrael2015” or “Electronic Holocaust.” However, while the media is downplaying the results the cyber shutdown as minimal and having little effect, Anonymous is insisting that #OpIsrael was “indeed successful.”

Over the past few hours, Anonymous has been tweeting about today’s hacking of Israeli websites and social media accounts, insisting that — despite various claims that the cyber shutdown proved to be an ultimate failure — #OpIsrael was an actual success.

Furthermore, Anonymous has been attempting to discredit accusations that OpIsrael2015 was, in the end, just an “epic fail,” as a article stated earlier. They have also tweeted their disdain for the term “Electronic Holocaust,” though the term was clearly stated in the initial Anon video released early last month.

Well, maybe success is in the eye of the beholder? Even Anonymous is tired of the back and forth debate. They ended today with another tweet saying:

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