Behind our Decision to Leave Cop Block

(ANTIMEDIA) We at Anti-Media strive to operate with a dignified level of honesty and sincerity currently absent from the landscape of corporate media. While we are far from perfect, we at the Anti-Media do attempt to direct our readership toward a genuine discourse in the pursuits of justice and freedom. Our purpose is to inform, not participate in cultural or personal division. It is out of responsibility to our readers that we feel obliged to address recent events surrounding our association with the Cop Block official Facebook page.

In an effort to hold ourselves up to self-imposed standards, it is no longer in our moral interests to continue a working relationship with the official Cop Block Facebook page. Our motivation for this decision is to preserve the integrity of a movement that champions accountability. Our disassociation is not intended to condemn the accomplishments of Cop Block as an organization, but rather the actions of a single individual who has “taken charge” of Cop Block as of a few months ago. We feel that this individual is no longer fit to be “in charge” of Cop Block, a self-described decentralized organization. We will not comment on the actions of said individual because we feel it is a private matter that should be handled by the parties involved. We will remain disassociated from Cop Block until this individual who we feel has acted unethically is held accountable.

We do this not to harm Cop Block as an organization, but to strengthen the resolve of their original mission statement of transparency, and to support individuals and organizations harmed by the acts of one person who has an oversized role in the central Cop Block organization. Issues have stemmed from a single individual personality that do not reflect the spirit behind Cop Block’s founding or the organization as a whole. Cop blocking is still a vital resource that should in no way be given up on. There are hundreds of independent Cop Block chapters around the country which have nothing to do with the acts of this individual, and those chapters should be supported now more than ever.

This is a tough decision for us to make, considering that we have been social media partners with the official Cop Block Facebook page for over two years and directly participated in the page’s growth from 40,000 followers to the over 1.4 million that it has today. The Anti-Media will remain dedicated to police accountability and will support and partner with other organizations who expose the Police State in an effective, ethical manner. If we feel that the individual responsible for these unethical actions is held accountable, we will gladly resume our working relationship with the official Cop Block Facebook Page and

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