Brother of Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Is Wanted by Police

(ANTIMEDIALas Vegas, NV — The brother of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock is wanted by police in California according to legal documents obtained by entertainment website TMZ.

Bruce Paddock, 57, the younger sibling of the Mandalay Bay killer, has a warrant out for his arrest in Los Angeles County. It is unrelated to his now-deceased brother’s heinous murders.

According to TMZ:

“Paddock was busted for vandalism in 2014 — he jacked up a moving company’s property.

“Paddock pled no contest and got 150 hours of community service, but kept trying to get it reduced. When he no-show’d for a 2016 court date, the judge issued the bench warrant.”

The younger Paddock sibling — who is not to be confused with Eric Paddock, the killer’s other brother who has garnered a significant amount of fame by giving interviews to the press from his driveway in Orlando, Florida — has an extremely long rap sheet to go along with the warrant currently out for him. Bruce Paddock has reportedly been arrested for criminal threats, arson, vandalism, petty theft, burglary, marijuana, driving on a suspended license, and contempt. It is currently unknown how many of these arrests resulted in convictions.

In 2014, while squatting in a home in the San Fernando Valley, located in Los Angeles, Bruce Paddock also threatened the life of a Mr. Hector Cruz, according to court documents. Cruz, who was the the owner of the home Bruce was illegally inhabiting, told the court that Bruce said to him, “If you keep f****** with me, I am going to kill you and drop you in the desert.”

Cruz also claimed Bruce was a drug user and dealer who used meth and that his behavior is  “extremely erratic and unpredictable.”  

Cruz, who was granted a temporary restraining order against Bruce, said in court documents, “I am extremely afraid of Paddock, who has intimidated me by his violent character and destruction of my business office and my service bay.”

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