Ebola: Tests in DC & Georgia jail, friend of Dallas victim tracked, now 4000 US troops to Africa

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The Ebola scares are increasing after news spread that people close to the Dallas patient are being quarantined. It is now being reported that a friend who visited the apartment is being monitored along with his family after confirming he saw Mr. Duncan’s condition worsen over the week.

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Daily Mail
A friend of Texas Ebola patient, Thomas Duncan, who saw the sick man the day he was taken into hospital apparently ‘vomiting wildly’ has described his family’s ordeal in isolation.
And, shockingly, three days after CDC officials visited him in the family’s apartment, 43-year-old Aaron Yah revealed he had not received an order to remain indoors or any advice on how to cope.
Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Mr Yah said: ‘The CDC came on Tuesday, the day it was confirmed Thomas had Ebola. They told me that the children should not go to school until 17 October.

‘But it was not really confirmed to me that I should stay indoors. I don’t know. Can you tell me?’
While Mr Yah said he does not know – and has not been told what to do – it was revealed on Thursday that Thomas Duncan’s family have been ordered to stay indoors after violating officials request to do so.
Mr Yah, originally from Liberia, has lived in America for many years, he said. He lives with fiancée Youngor, 35, and their four children three boys ages 2, 4 and 11 and a six-year-old daughter.
He has been visited by CDC officials daily since confirmation of Mr Duncan’s infection.
He said: ‘They take our temperature and blood pressure but I don’t know what is going on. They do not tell us what to do for food. Maybe someone will bring us food. Or can I use my card to get some if I sanitize it. I know Ebola is in the blood and body fluids.’

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The entire family has been exposed.
Mr Duncan revealed: ‘The last time I saw Thomas was Sunday, the day he went to hospital. I had seen him after he went to hospital the first time and he was looking fine, he had been just fine.
‘But that day I passed by on Sunday he was lying down on the bed in the room and I asked him how he was. He said, “I’m not okay.”
‘He said he had been having diarrhea all night. Later they came and took him to the hospital.’
Reuters reported that he was seen vomiting wildly as he was strapped to a gurney and taken away.

CNN’s Barbara Starr reports the Secretary of Defense has authorized 1,000 additional troops to the original 3,000 announced weeks ago. Officials also announced the 101st Airborne will have a significant role in the response.

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