Israel Invaded Gaza Under False Pretext, 3 Israeli Teens Not Kidnapped by Hamas

Justin King | The Anti-Media

congressRecent tweets about the subject are simply the icing on the cake of the mounting evidence that Hamas did not order the abduction of the three Israeli teens whose deaths ended up starting a war. Understanding the most likely chain of events leading to the deaths of thousands and the attempted decapitation of Hamas leadership requires unlearning certain generalizations about the conflict that most take for granted because the cast of characters in the fight involves many more organizations and agendas than just Hamas and the Israeli Defense Force. Thumbnail credit:

Understanding the different groups and political rivalries involved will help the reader to understand that the Israeli army is most likely attacking Hamas because they are either cooperating with or were tricked by another group seeking to undermine the political power of Hamas.

Political brief of Palestine

Contrary to the widely held belief, Hamas is the political wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement, not the armed combatants. The Islamic Resistance Movement has military capabilities and wings known as The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades. It is similar to the relationship that Sinn Fein and the Irish Republican Army shared for decades. Hamas leaders are the mouthpieces of clandestine militant brigades, and the political party is the dominant party in Palestine at the moment. There is some crossover between the political wing and the military wing. In 2006, the group beat the Fatah party with a decisive majority.

The Fatah party is the political wing of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). Many older readers will remember the name Yasser Arafat and his organization. The PLO was the mouthpiece for a collective of Palestinian militant groups including the Palestinian Liberation Front (Abu Abbas Faction), the Arab Liberation Front (aligned with Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (a radical communist organization), and a collection of other smaller organizations.

To put this into language that Western readers can quickly grasp: if this was to occur in the United States, both the Republican and Democratic parties would have armed wings. Sometimes the militant wings would attack enemies of the United States, and sometimes they would attack each other. War, after all, is the continuation of politics by other means.

As it currently stands, Hamas is the overwhelming controlling party in Palestine and the Hamas affiliated military wings reap the economic benefits of that support. The Fatah party has been cooperating with the Israeli government to prevent attacks on Israelis by Palestinian militants in an effort to provide security in the occupied territories. Those organizations allied with the Fatah party have, understandably, been upset by this. Hamas and Fatah entered into a unity government earlier this year.

The kidnapping that triggered the war

Three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped, setting off a massive search operation conducted by the IDF that reignited tensions in the conflict. The teens were found dead in an open field haphazardly covered by rocks. Hamas did not claim responsibility for the kidnapping or the murders. Hamas has a long history of touting the actions and claiming responsibility for the actions of the militant wing stretching back decades. The organization has flatly denied being involved in the kidnapping.

Israel has released the names of two suspects in the kidnapping; the IDF allege both are affiliated with Hamas. Neither suspect can be located despite the massive search operation and fact that Israel has arrested the father of one of the suspects. If Hamas affiliated militants acted without orders in such an operation, they would be sought by Hamas as well. Hamas would inform Israel of the militants punishment, which would likely be death.

The suspects are still at large.

Israeli intelligence services

Israel’s intelligence service, known as either “the office” or the Mossad, is widely recognized as one of the most capable intelligence organizations in the world, boasting assets in every country and major metropolitan area on the planet. It successfully tracked down and assassinated every person who played an active role in the Munich massacre. The original motto of the Mossad was

“by way of deception, thou shall do war.”

The deceiver has been deceived

While Mossad is known for successfully conducting false flag operations, in this case it seems that the office may have been the victim of such an operation. A “false flag operation” is not simply blaming an action on somebody. It is an intricate form of deception undertaken in order to conduct an operation while having the target believe someone else conducted it.

Hamas does not benefit tactically, politically, strategically, or economically from the kidnapping that was quickly blamed on its militant wing. It has completely denied any involvement. Other organizations have claimed responsibility for the kidnapping, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he knew “for a fact” that Hamas was responsible. Though neither he, nor anyone in the Israeli government, has released any evidence whatsoever to back up this claim.

The organizations which benefit from this incident are very limited in number. Of that limited number of groups, the only real possibility is a group that has the military expertise to conduct the kidnapping, the technical expertise to leave the area until the dust settles, and the will to kidnap and murder three teenage boys.

It seems evident that one of the many marginalized groups that fought for Palestinian independence during the 1980s and 1990s conducted the kidnapping, killed the boys, and fled the area to watch while the Israeli army attempts to destroy the command and control of Hamas, as well as the political power the organization holds. The remnants of any of the above mentioned PLO-affiliated organizations are prime suspects. The newly formed “Hezbollah Brigades” should also be considered suspects, considering it claimed responsibility for the attack.

There remains the possibility that the Israeli government was not duped by the operation, but rather took advantage of it to deal a heavy blow to the unity government that it consistently opposed.

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