Police Bosses to NYPD: Start Arresting People for Victimless Crimes Again or Lose Vacations

Carey Wedler
January 12, 2014

(ANTIMEDIA) NEW YORK, NY- In order to protest what they view as New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s mistreatment of cops,  the NYPD has scaled back its ticket-writing. The result? Crime has not increased but the government’s revenues have slumped. To make up for the lack of enforcement, police precincts around New York have instituted a new policy. As one union source told the New York Post,

“Police officers around the city are now threatened with transfers, no vacation time and sick time unless they write summonses…This is the same practice that caused officers to be labeled racist and abusers of power.”

Gothamist also reported that lunch breaks are being denied.

Rather than being relieved that their services are not necessary to maintain “law and order,” “top brass” are angry that cops are not harassing enough people. In fact, there were zero citations written for low-level crimes on New Year’s Eve.

After it was revealed that citations were down 92% and arrests down 56%, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton ordered cops to return to the citation grind.  But faced with penalization for their lack of policing, at least a few cops are dissatisfied. One from the 105th Precinct in Queens told the Post:

“Everyone here is under orders– no time off during the summons catch-up blitz… and the majority of new summonses written aren’t protecting the public in any way.”

This behavior is unsurprising coming from the corrupt police establishment. It would be fiscally prudent to give officers time off, given their lack of “productivity” (and the surrounding lack of negative consequences), to save the city money-if the city can give paid time off with “administrative leave” when cops murder people, it isn’t radical to do so for lack of enforcement. But authorities have chosen to do the opposite by forcing police to stay on the clock and forcing officers to turn in sheets indicating the number of arrests and citations made per shift. As the 105th precinct cop said,

“…now they’re realizing how much revenue the city is losing and they’re enforcing their will upon us.”

It seems the cops are now getting a taste of their own medicine: being forced to do things and denied rights (such as a lunch break, which if denied by a private company would warrant the involvement of authorities). They are having the state’s will enforced upon them as they enforce the state’s will upon citizens every day.

The nameless cop further explained to the Post that one lieutenant ordered police cars throughout the precinct to create a DUI checkpoint at Springfield Boulevard and Jamaica Avenue. No one was allowed to return to the precinct or take a meal break until at least two summonses were written.

The disgruntled officer said

“To have all the manpower utilized for the sole purpose of writing summonses is a very dangerous way to utilize manpower…This is now what we’re out here for.”

Hopefully, suffering punishment for not enforcing frivolous laws will cause additional officers to question the system and see the exploitative nature of their jobs. Rather than refusing to write citations out of perceived misdeeds by the mayor, they should refuse because they realize the absurdity of fining people for non-violent, non-criminal behavior.

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