OMG! They’re Going to 9/11 us Again!

Justin King (The Anti-Media)
September 3, 2014

According to the national media, fears are growing that planes seized by the group “Libyan Dawn” will be used to commit another 9/11-style terrorist attack on the US. This will only occur if the US government allows it to happen. Let’s truly dissect the fear-mongering campaign being waged to grow support for US involvement in Iraq and Syria that is currently underway because the government and the media believe the average American is too stupid to know that Libya is on a different continent than Iraq and Syria.

The group that captured the planes has no history of attacking Americans, to the contrary when the militias affiliated with the group took possession of the US Embassy facility that had been evacuated and abandoned weeks before, the group didn’t burn it to the ground or release propaganda videos showing their victory over “The Great Satan.” The group did release statements about the event though.

One Libyan Dawn soldier said:

“We’ve secured the location and the assets of the embassy. We’ve informed our command … immediately after entering the place following the exit of the rival militia. The place is secure and under protection.”

Hassan Ali, a commander with Libyan Dawn said:

“We entered and put some of our fighters to secure this place and we preserved this place as much as we could”

He then invited US Embassy personnel back to the compound and further stated that US officials are

“most welcome in God’s blessing, and any area that is controlled by Dawn of Libya is totally secure and there are no troubles at all.”

This group doesn’t seem like they are really prepared to strike a deadly blow against the US. This is the behavior of a regulated army that is currently abiding by a law of war that dictates Embassy property is the sovereign soil of the guest nation. It seems fairly clear that Libyan Dawn has no interest in engaging the United States in combat, all indications point to the group’s desire to establish diplomatic relations.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume a different group managed to hotwire the commercial airliners and somehow hide something the size of a jumbo jet somewhere. Keep in mind that Libya has less than 30 airports in the entire country, and not all of those maintain runways long enough to land the larger planes.

Then in the midst of a raging civil war in Libya, this unknown other group would have to decide to spend limited resources to launch a transatlantic terrorist operation rather than using them to fight the civil war. The group would also have to possess pilots who could fly the planes on a transatlantic flight.

It is also assumed that somehow every radar operator in the world would be asleep as jets with no flight plans and no transponders undertook a ten-hour flight across the Atlantic and through US air defenses, all without triggering a response.

In the 13 years since the September 11th attacks, the United States has developed ways to read every email American citizens send, listen to every phone call placed, catalog their intimate photographs, militarize the police, and engage in domestic spying on a level not seen since East Germany’s STASI. All of this was done in the name protecting the homeland from the evil terrorists who hate us for the freedoms we no longer possess. 13 years of sacrifice later, the American people are being told that they are no safer than they were before and that they need to be afraid of the exact same type of attack.

To recap, a mythical nonexistent group that happens to have trained commercial airline pilots has to steal and hide items that are larger than a football field, then they have to fly undetected across the Atlantic Ocean, make it through US air defenses, all without alerting US intelligence. So the only question left to ask is: if the US intelligence community can’t stop an attack when they know where the flights will originate, where they will be headed, and have a ten hour window, what good are they?

The only way this attack will proceed is if the US government allows it to happen. This is nothing more than fear-mongering to convince more Americans to waive their rights while they wave their flags.

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